Reese, Michigan Ashlyn Wolschleger has two special abilities.

And they may be more valuable to the Race Rockets than all of their athletic skills combined.

Wolschleger’s best abilities are availability and likeability, and the Rockets don’t know where you’d be without them.

“She’s the sweetest thing on the planet,” Reese’s volleyball coach Angie Compton said. “You can’t talk about Ashlyn without talking about how cute she is.”

Wolschleger’s character is part of the glue that holds Reese’s volleyball team together. It has extended to Reese’s cross-country program as well, having joined the team this fall as an applicant to help her classmates compete as a team.

Now the dual sports lead is being celebrated as MLive Bay City Sportsman of the Week, earning a nod in an online reader poll. She received 39.7 percent of 28,141 votes, beating Unionville-Sebewaing’s Zach Baker and John Glenn’s Kaley Ziegelmann for the weekly honor.

Wolschleger makes an unforgettable fall in her athletics, just one year after her unforgettable downfall for the wrong reasons. She was injured in a car accident and sidelined during the Reese’s run to the Division 3 State Volleyball Championship. Suddenly, her existence was over and the Rockets were reminded of how much they value her presence.

“It was really scary,” Compton said. “We had a void when we lost it, so it’s great that she can play again. We love getting her back.”

The middle hitter is a staple of Team Reese who finished the regular season with a 20-15 record while he was 8-4 at Great Thumb West. She made nine kills and three blocks, scored 16 holes and served in a perfect 27-for-27 clip in a Unionville-Sebewaing sweep.

And she did it in her steady, low-key, very reliable style.

“On the court, she’s not a player in your face, but a girl who gets the job done,” Compton said. “She might not be flashy about it, but she does her part and fills out the stats sheet.”

Wolschleger, who also plays basketball and track running, was invited to join the girls’ cross-country team this fall. Lacking runners, the Rockets made room for themselves to fill a crucial spot.

She just finished her season at the Regionals, clocking in at 23:00.8 to finish 35th. She posted a personal best of 22:46 in her only season in Cross Country.

Now she’s leading the Rockets into post-season play on the volleyball court. Reese faces Saginaw Valley Lutheran in the county quarterfinals at home at 7:30 p.m. tonight.

MLive player polls are non-scientific projects, designed to promote fun, fandom, and discussion. The winners do not receive any prize and the results do not affect the post-season prizes.

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