Google has introduced many new features and features in Google My Business (GMB) since the start of the coronavirus.

If you are running a local business, you need to know about these updates so that you can get the most out of the platform.

In this article, we will check 10 recent changes to Google My Business that you need to review.

1. Health and safety features

In late 2020, GMB rolled out new features so researchers can make informed decisions about health standards at the businesses they may visit.

These new GMB features are:

  • Appointment is required.
  • Mask required.
  • Staff wear masks.
  • Staff are subject to a temperature check.
  • Temperature check is required.

Keep in mind that if you follow stricter health-related guidelines than your competitors and advertise these guidelines on the GMB, you can get some extra business from health-conscious individuals.

Health and Safety Features of GMBHealth and safety features

2. Epidemic-related features of restaurants

Google started early on rolling out COVID-related themes to restaurants and other companies in the food service industry.

Here is a list of these traits:

  • Pickup from the sidewalk.
  • Offline delivery.
  • eat in .

These traits appeared in GMB shortly after the start of reopening businesses.

3. Features of online services

During the height of the pandemic, many people chose to “default”.

That’s when online meetings became routine and Zoom became a household name.

Back in June, Google saw an opportunity to cater to the online-only audience and did so by offering several other themes in GMB.

Here are the attributes companies can use to indicate that they have hypothetical offerings:

  • Online care.
  • Online appointment.
  • Online estimates.
  • Online lessons.

Think about how you can use these traits to promote your business to people who literally want to go the extra mile so they can avoid exposing themselves to COVID.

4. Call Recording

This one is in test mode, but it’s worth keeping an eye on.

GMB is currently developing a new feature that allows you to see recent customer calls that have arrived via search.

Here’s what Google says about the new feature:

You can use Call History to track phone calls from your customers on Google Search and Maps. All your calls in one place to help you answer missed calls and stay in touch with your customers.

These calls can make it easier for you to find and do business with customers who have found your business through Google. Any calls you receive from your Business Profile will start with an SMS telling you it’s from Google.

Here’s how it works: When the user clicks on a file a call button on the GMB profile, Google will record the call.

GMB will record both missed calls and answered calls.

After that, you can view the recorded calls in the Calls tab.

It’s only available in the app, although it’s not the browser version.

If you choose to use the call recording feature, the app will mask your real phone number because it is using a forwarding number.

5. Additional GMB Statistics Data

Google has also recently improved its GMB performance reporting.

For starters, GMB will now let you know how many people have contacted you after visiting your profile page.

In addition, the platform has begun to provide additional reports on searches.

When fully completed, it will let you know how many times your business profile has appeared in search results.

You will also see data about your Google Map searches.

These types of ideas will be available for up to six months.

6. Messaging

Google recently launched GMB messages on the desktop user interface.

It was available via a mobile app before.

Now, when you log into GMB, you may see a file Messages button on the left sidebar. If you click on it, you will go to the Messages interface.

It follows the standard “chat screen” pattern. You will see the exchange between you and individual messengers.

However, you will have to sign up for the service.

Just press the same Messages button and select Settings.

Then select the option to turn on messaging.

warning: Be sure to respond to messages within 24 hours or Google may revoke your messaging rights.

Why so strict? Same old story: It’s all about the customer experience.

If you lose access, you will not be permanently banned but you need to go through this opt-in process again.

You can set up auto reply messages, but they don’t count as a “real” reply during that one-day window.

If you receive fake messages, mark them as spam so that Google can take corrective action.

You also have the ability to block offensive messages.

7. Black Business

Google has updated its shopping search results to make it easier for people to find black-owned businesses.

Once again, this GMB theme was launched in response to user interest.

Searches for terms like “black-owned bookstores,” “black-owned restaurants” and “black-owned beauty supplies” have skyrocketed due to highlighting racial inequality throughout 2020.

Google searchGoogle search “black-owned libraries”

Here’s what Google says about this feature:

Historically, black-owned businesses served as gathering places for black communities across the country and provided a strong sense of ownership and belonging to those who were denied equal rights. Today, as more black businesses emerge online, they are creating new pathways for economic opportunity and generational wealth in the black community.

As the first day of Black History Month begins, we want to highlight black-owned businesses, large and small, and honor their resilience and creativity.

Keep in mind that when setting the theme owned by Black, it may take some time for the change to take effect.

As of now, the feature is only available to Google Merchant Center retailers in the United States.

8. Maximum video upload size

GMB also recently drop Its maximum video download size.

The old limit was 100 MB. The new limit is 75 MB.

So if you want to brag about your video work, you may have to brag a little less on a per video basis.

GMB is the local search quota table

Google My Business can be more important than your website when it comes to promoting your local business online.

That’s why you need to optimize your profile for search.

You should also keep abreast of the latest changes to GMB and think about how you can use it to better promote your brand online.

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