Who will return to the NFL Playoffs first? (vote)

Folks, we made it. We’ve had the luxury of watching some football before the start of the season, but that’s only going to take us so far. Now that September is around the corner, the first week of the NFL season is approaching, which means the Jets and Giants will soon be playing important football again.

Both teams will start their seasons on Sunday, September 11th. The two Westerns teams (most likely with Joe Flacco below center) will face off at MetLife Stadium. As for the Giants, Daniel Jones and his cohorts will hit the road to take on the Nashville Titans.

The return of football is always exciting. Do you know what’s more exciting, though? Some football winners. That’s what both organizations have gotten away with in recent years.

It’s been a while for the Giants, Gates

The Jets last participated in the NFL playoffs during the 2010 season when they lost in the AFC Championship to the Steelers. Since then, New York has published a pair of 8-8 shows and one winning campaign, which included the record 10-6 in 2015.

Things weren’t much better for Big Blue. The Giants’ last trip to the playoffs was in 2016 when they lost to the Packers over the weekend at Wild Card. It was the only time New York had played in January since 2012, and it was also the last time they finished the regular season with a winning record (11-5).

Will the drought end in 2022?

If there is time to be optimistic about the team’s chances, it is before the start of the regular season. No matter what happened during training camp and pre-season, all 32 of the NFL teams have a clean slate to work with.

Everyone technically has the same chances of making it to the NFL Playoffs and running in the Lombardy Cup. However, expectations are everywhere depending on the specific situation of each team.

Judging by the total wins expected from various outlets, it could be another year of football losing for both the Jets and Giants in 2022. According to the Sports Betting Dime, the Jets’ win over/under has been set at six this year, while the Giants’ was set at 7.5.

If so, is there a light at the end of the tunnel for either (or both) organizations?

Trust the process

Whether we’re talking about giants or planes, there has been some change in terms of the front office and coaching staff. This will happen when there is no football win for an extended period of time.

Even if 2022 isn’t the year these droughts end, there seems to be a feeling within both institutions that they are on the right track.

Here, Gates coach Robert Saleh recently said that the team’s process is too good to work:

As for the Giants, General Manager Joe Shuen spent most of his time cleaning up what the former front office system led by Dave Gittleman had done. SNY’s Conor Hughes briefly discussed how the Giants feel comfortable going forward with the team’s finances:

The focus is on trying to win this year, but Shoen also believes New York is poised to be out of an active season after 2022 to supplement the roster going forward.

I mean, what else would these guys say? Of course they think what they do will work. They’re not going to say in public, “Well, we don’t have a clue how that’s going to happen, but we’re hoping for the best.” Taking the words straight from Joel Embiid’s mouth, it looks like both the Gates and the Giants are trying to tell their fan bases to be patient and confident in the process.

It’s hard to do after a number of years without any trips to the NFL Playoffs, but it’s the only option out there right now.

Who will return to the playoffs first…the planes or the giants?

So, that brings us to our big question. Which team will bring back winning football and a trip to the playoffs first: the Jets or the Giants? Vote in the poll below:

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