Tigers 5, White Sox 3: Chord Play

A few games ago, an ugly defense from Yoán Moncada put the White Sox in an early hole. Tonight, another fan favorite helped out the late Sox with some less-than-stellar efforts on Late.

A pair of poor throws from Yasmane Grandal in steals helped the Tigers score an unearned green light in the seventh round, followed by a lock-up in eighth. The White Sox pulled Lucas Giolito off the hook after struggling early, but achieved nothing else as they lost their fourth game in a row.

Instead, Reinaldo Lopez suffered the loss. He ditched a song for Aqeel Badu, forcing him to fight a battle to keep him engaged first. He had Ryan Kreidler fly into the center before Baddoo could find a ground to run during López’s subsequent fight with Riley Greene.

Baddoo’s base was stolen, but Grandal compounded the problems by sailing his midfield throw, high and wide from both Elvis Andrus and Josh Harrison who did his best to try to support the play. Baddoo advanced to third, then scored on Greene’s sac fly to advance 4-3 in Detroit.

Jimmy Lambert took charge in eighth and, after failing in Tuesday’s opener on home ground, was once again on top by defeating Miguel Cabrera after a 1-2 count. Willy Castro ran for him, and although the Sox guessed correctly on the field, Grandal’s throw for second was late, and Elvis Andros couldn’t keep the mark on Castro on points where he was out of the bag. He advanced to third on Jammeh Court, and while Lambert grabbed a pair of pop-outs to keep Castro in third, he trailed 3-0 to Spencer Turkelson, who used the greenlight for a double bounce over the left field wall.

Threatening the Sox uninjured in the eighth inning, he loaded the bases with two runs and HBP to get Adam Engel to the plate. Miguel Cairo called Gavin Sheets, prompting AJ Hinch to claim leftist Andrew Chavin, which inspired Cairo to summon Romy Gonzalez. Next, Gonzalez hit four pitches, breathing on all his swings.

Gregory Soto retired from the Sox in the ninth order to save.

The Sox’s last championship came in sixth, when Eloy Jiménez smoked a liner off Eduardo Rodriguez’s foot to get one ahead, and AJ Pollock resumed his doom from the left throw with Homer in the opposite field on the outside corner diver for a two-stage shot tied to the game.

It erased the 3-0 hole Lucas Giolito drilled early on, at a start representing his last form. He struggled early, walked in with Greene to start the game, and then let go of a Javier Báez double that cut Andrew Vaughn’s reach at the right. The Cabrera driver scored one run, and Eric Haase lined up a hanging slider in midfield to lead 2-0.

Jonathan Schaup opened the second with a solo shot, and while Giulito’s night looked like it would be short, he eventually found one quick enough to make his change work. He hit the side in a second, setting a course for nine K over six innings.

He eventually received some support as the night progressed to the middle roles. In the third, the Sox finally threatened Rodriguez with a pair of singles, and Jose Abreu provided the third goal before the break to make it 3-1. Vaughn couldn’t add to the score, but he held it as she was fifth thanks to the best defensive play of his career. Giulito successfully passed a first-court volley at 91, and while it looked like a two-round shot, Vaughn kept it in the park with a wall jump. The Tigers would eventually get the two extra runs they needed, but they had to work even harder for them.

Important points:

*White Sox He dropped to 35-41 at home, to officially close in a losing record where they should win. Their tragic number has been reduced to 3.

* Pollock He is now associated with Jiménez and Sheets with 14 people, and three backs from Andrew Vaughn’s team.

*fun fact From Chris Kamka:

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