The developers of WoW Wrath Classic ‘feel the pressure’ of its legacy

WoW Wrath Classic hopes to remake the best chapter of the ongoing MMO saga, and the developers at Blizzard know for a fact they have to get it right.

Speaking to lead art designer Kris Zierhut (who worked on the original WoTLK) and game producer Joshua Greenfield, it’s crystal clear how important it is to getting the Wrath Classic right for the development team.

“We’re definitely feeling the pressure to make this as cool as possible,” says Zierhut, prompting a series of nods from Greenfield. “I remember how much my fellow players and I loved it the first time, I want it to be great this time.

“I have all these friends, my guildmates, the raid members that I play with and talk to every day, and I feel pressure because they depend on this — they’re so passionate, they want it so great.

“There is pressure to make it great, but I also feel confident that, having worked on Wrath the first time, we have an understanding of what we want to do and how to make it work so we can make it great,” he continues. “While there is pressure, I’m still very confident that what we’re going to launch is a great game.”

Greenfield echoes this. “It helps a lot to have a lot of people like Chris and there are other people on the World of Warcraft team that worked on him when he was currently. Having that experience means we can really go to the source when we talk about design intent and direction, and that really helps a lot. It fills me with more. of confidence for such a tedious task,” he concludes with a smile.

It’s no secret that for many World of Warcraft players, Wrath was when WoW reached its peak. Featuring a captivating storyline, stunning visuals and music, as well as the hugely popular Death Knight class, The Lich King and the Scourge have carved themselves into history as WoW’s most notorious foes.

While I joined the WoW community later, Wrath was one of the first expansions I leveled using Chromie Time when it was introduced in Shadowlands. I’ve heard stories about how awesome it is, and it didn’t disappoint. So, when the WoTLK Classic beta came out, it was the perfect nostalgic and much-needed journey back to form WoW.

You’ll be able to dive again in Northrend from September 26 in the US, and September 27 elsewhere. You can find all the WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic release times in our dedicated article, as well as a WoW Classic racing guide to help you narrow down which of the different Azeroth creatures you want to try.

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