Smart Travel Bags for Sale: 10 Cool Inventions for Easier Travel

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Although it is already 2020, the technology has not developed much enough to allow us to travel the world without any kind of baggage. So that we can shrink our items down to mini sizes for easier transportation, we have to handle luggage to store all our essentials as we move from point A to point B.

Fortunately, bags are now better than ever, allowing us to transport our belongings quite easily. For a limited time, some are for sale.

If you want more than just Away bags but can’t afford too much for a Rimowa, you can still get to the airport in style and function with these discounted baggage sets:

Plevo: Up – the world’s first vertical luggage(Opens in a new tab)

Able to stand upright, this luggage is designed for faster unloading. It has a patented built-in clothes hanger system so your clothes stay crisp while traveling, and a lavish Smart Lock feature that doubles as security with Face ID, Touch ID and Morse Code. With weight sensors, you can kiss the excess baggage fee as it helps you calculate how much your baggage weighs. Right now, you can get this feature-rich luggage for $539.99(Opens in a new tab).

Bellevue: Infinite Smart Expandable Luggage(Opens in a new tab)

Do you always run out of space? This bag happens to come with an expandable body so you can carry all your essentials without leaving anything behind. It’s also equipped with all of Plevo’s signature smart features, including Smart Lock, weight sensors, removable wheels, and GPS tracking. Cut it on sale for $474.99(Opens in a new tab) 15% off the regular price of $559.

Genius Pack 30″ Vertical Spinner Bag(Opens in a new tab)

Featuring huge luggage holdings, this bag can pack enough clothes for a month or a family of four for a short trip thanks to its expandable design. Pressure wash technology is built in to keep soiled clothes compact and separate, plus an ergonomically designed, category-branded organizational panel makes packing a breeze. With other features like a packing checklist, high-quality deer, and easy-to-use handles, packing and traveling won’t feel like a chore. Usually $299.99, now on sale for $199.99(Opens in a new tab).

Rolex 2-in-1 Expandable Case(Opens in a new tab)

Whether you are going on a short weekend trip or an extended vacation, you can pack all your belongings in this bag that can be used either as a handbag or a check-in bag. You can fold it when not in use, and expand it when you have a lot to pack. Made with the highest quality fabrics and durable materials, you can rest assured that this bag will last for years to come. For a limited time, you can get it on sale for $224.99(Opens in a new tab).

J World Tanka Zuni 4-Pc Hard-Side Spinner Luggage Set(Opens in a new tab)

This luggage set includes every bag size you will need on every type of trip. Each one features aluminum handles, TSA-approved locks, swivel wheels, an interior X-panel, and an expandable size, to fit whatever you need to bring. It even comes with a portable cosmetic case, just in case there are small items that need extra TLC during flights. Normally $300, you can get the whole set on sale for $269(Opens in a new tab).

Tach Tuff Connectable Hard Luggage Set(Opens in a new tab)

Having to carry multiple bags around a giant airport will no longer be a problem thanks to this kit that allows you to connect your bags in one single unit. It features the patented TACH Connection System that allows you to connect up to nine bags together in just seconds. All you have to do is hook them up using our easy-to-install fasteners, and you’re good to go. For a limited time, you can get the set, which includes a 24-inch bag and handbag for $274.99.(Opens in a new tab).

Plevo: The Runner – Smart Luggage Set(Opens in a new tab)

Perfect for airline flyers, this bag has all the features needed to make traveling a breeze. It comes with a smart lock, built-in weight sensors, removable wheels that allow full mobility, distance alerts, and a removable battery pack. Best of all, it has an additional removable sleeve designed to store your laptop and other electronics, allowing you to pass through safely without opening your bag. Get it now for $389.99(Opens in a new tab).

Tanka Engine Hard Sided Travel Bag 3 Pieces(Opens in a new tab)

Leave nothing behind with this luggage set that features an expandable design, extending up to 2.5 inches to give you more storage space when you need it. Each suitcase comes with scratch-free ABS, TSA-certified composite locks for security, and swivel wheels that facilitate smooth rolling. Right now you can sell it for $224.99(Opens in a new tab).

Ingenious Hard Side Airborne Package(Opens in a new tab)

The perfect handbag, the Genius Pack weighs just 6.2 pounds to help you avoid baggage fees. It also features a minimalist design, 360-degree swivel wheels, a secluded laundry compartment, in-class compartments for hassle-free packing, and an integrated packing checklist. It usually retails for $298, you can get it on sale now for only $159(Opens in a new tab).

J World DIA Polycarbonate Luggage Set(Opens in a new tab)

Make your next trip go as smoothly as possible with this set that packs everything you need for stress-free packing and travel. Each piece features dual rotating discs for easy maneuverability, interior spacer panels to reduce contents from switching on the fly, and TSA compliant locks. It is also made of polycarbonate to absorb shock during transportation. The set usually retails for $400, and now retails for $359(Opens in a new tab).

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