Pete Carroll Preview: Hawks Challenges Advance Seahawks Defense

The Seahawks are looking to get back on track after losing 27-7 at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers, and they come home with a record 1-1 and will face the 0-2 Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

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So how was this week of practice taking a rather resounding loss to the 49ers?

“He was really focused,” coach Pete Carroll said during Pete Carroll’s Friday preview on KIRO Newsradio 97.3 voiced by Seahawks Steve Ripple. “Across the board, there were a lot of things that moved away from us.”

Carroll noted that the Seahawks were punished across the board and also made mental mistakes including plays in which the guys were “going the wrong way in a few rounds.”

“It didn’t feel like us,” he said. “So I hope we can go right back and see us play good football, play without errors and give ourselves a chance to win a football match like we did in Week 1. This week is over and we put it behind us. Hopefully we can collect the kind of week we can win for us.”

So what are the challenges the hawks face?

“The transition they made from Matt (Ryan) to Marcus Mariota is really clear,” Carroll said of the Atlanta quarterback’s position.

Years after the enclave’s run in Ryan, the Hawks face a constant threat in Mariota, whose legs are the focal point of the crime.

“Not the stuff I’ve seen from the Falcons for years. It’s really good work for the coaching staff and they’re playing with their guys,” Carroll said. They’re causing problems for us and we really have to work hard to get this right.”

Another threat from the Atlanta attack? Cordaryl Patterson, a former NFL receiver, had success with the Falcons as a contestant member.

“He’ll surprise you with how he looks like a running back,” Carroll said. “…and they still use him as a receiver. They’ll take them out of the background and do things with him. But that’s not his pivot point. His pivot point is holding the soccer ball. And the guy runs really hard. Their group is a good group and they’re going downhill, trying to stretch you and get the ball permanently when They can use that speed. And that compliment from the quarterback’s threats (to run) makes it a really tough offense.”

So what do the Seahawks have to do aggressively to slow down the hawks?

“We need to be really on the chart. We have to be really ready because the players have to be in the right place when the quarterback is an option player. If you blow it up and go to the back, and here the quarterback comes alone, they get free yards,” Carroll said. It feels like.” “So we have to be really disciplined on the edge and do a good job of not letting them deal with the middle. It could be a nightmare. The outside quarterbacks have a lot to do with that and nickel (corners), these guys have a lot of job responsibility here. This is a big problem for us.”

Because of the Seahawks’ offensive, Carroll hopes to get more out of the running game, which he failed in the second week in San Francisco.

“We just need to keep going. We didn’t run the ball enough,” he said. “We have to keep going. We need more roles, more swings. We have to get our first defeats, we have to move football to achieve that, but we have to stay that way. And I’m really, really disappointed to take out last week in the running game.”

Hear Pete Carroll’s full preview at this link or in the player below.

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