Georgia football relegates 1-0 to South Carolina No. 8 | Georgia Sports

Georgia FL fell to eighth-seeded South Carolina in a close competitive match 1-0.

Playing in front of a crowd of 1,462 at the Turner Soccer Complex, the Bulldogs and Gamecocks were tied for 81 consecutive minutes of competition. However, in the 82nd minute, Payton Patrick hit the ball into the lower right corner of the net and gave Gamecocks a 1-0 lead and victory.

While the loss marked the end of Georgia’s seven-game winning streak, coach Kidan McAlpine remained upbeat about the team’s performance.

“I thought our position was a lot better than the previous game, we executed it really well,” McAlpine said. “I thought early on, our pressure was really good. And to be fair, we should have scored two goals there. [at] The beginning of the game, but that’s a lesson we have to learn.”

Looks like Georgia couldn’t score today. There were many chances the team missed in the first half.

The Bulldogs dominated possession for much of the first half. However, whether it was a pass from the mark or a shot that sailed over the net, the Bulldogs never fired until the second half of the game.

McAlpine said: “When you make moments, you have to take them, we did enough today to win the match. We definitely didn’t deserve to lose it, but credit to them. They are a team that understands what this is, and they took care of it.”

While only one goal was officially scored, in the 57th minute, the South Carolina goal was called up again after review due to a handball violation. This kept the score 0-0 ahead of Patrick’s goal at the end of the match.

Despite one shot passing, sophomore goalkeeper Liz Beardsley was put into a clinic. Beardsley made four saves a day, as well as several athletic and clever moves to help keep Georgia in possession of the ball.

“It’s really, really good,” McAlpine said. “When you have a goalkeeper who can tackle that way, keep you in matches, and make it look fairly easy, it gives you confidence.”

No matter which side the ball was on, this game quickly turned into a physical competition. A mistake came from Georgia and South Carolina in the eighth minute of the game and it will continue throughout

No one was sent off, but both teams made seven fouls each. 14 fouls per match.

“There is a kind of rivalry between the two football teams,” said graduate striker Dani Morgoya. “I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something about it that neither of us likes the other.”

The match featured a unique strategy from both teams. Over the course of the match, the Bulldogs made 15 total substitutions and Gamecocks made 20 total substitutions. With a total of 35 game substitutions, each team switched between players often.

Despite the constant rotation of players, not a single player from Georgia could see the field.

This match marked the first full game Georgia had without a Rookie Striker and SEC Team Of The Week Combined Striker Dacia Torbert. Torbert is out, likely for the season due to a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament.

The Bulldogs now continue their SEC schedule, as they travel to Gainesville, Florida, to face the Florida Gators, Sunday, September 25.

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