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Don’t stick to your day job: Quarter LPD officer Riley Densmore also makes a huge impact as a softball coach

Posted at 5:53pm on Friday, September 23, 2022

Long Cane and LaGrange College are pleased that Riley Densmore does not commit to her day job. A neighborhood LaGrange Police Department officer spends her spare time volunteering as a trainer for Cougars and Panthers.

“Long Cane was making up a team last year and Sgt. (Marshall) asked McCoy to help get the ball rolling on their show,” Dinsmore said. “Last year was my last season with them and I think I will be staying with them for a long time.”

Disenmore’s connections with Lagrange College were a little deeper. When she was an aspiring softball player at Ball Ground, Georgia, she had several college offerings to choose from. She chose Lagrange College. Densmore was matching Panthers from 2017-2020 and stuck around for the show after she hung up her cleats.

The difference between the levels of play and the training methods that go along with them is enormous.

“It was definitely a learning curve going from playing and coaching softball in college, and back to sixth through eighth graders learning the sport,” Dinsmore said. “I really liked it. It is a good age to develop their basics and find their love for the game and see the game through their eyes.”

She wants to spread the love of softball to the girls on a smaller level. Long Cane presented the perfect opportunity to do so.

“We have a really young coaching staff at Long Cane, and we’ve all been playing college ball,” Dinsmore said. “We all have the same mindset that we just got out of playing and now, we’re coaching girls who haven’t played those many years. It was fun, but it was a huge learning curve nonetheless.”

Densmore came to the area over five years ago, and decided to stay there. She began interning with the Police Department in 2017 with an emphasis on making law enforcement her profession. She enjoyed her time as a trainee so much that she officially joined the force in 2020 and made LaGrange her official home.

Her time as a member of the LaGrange Police Department has seen her fair share of ups and downs. Late last year, she was injured on the job when an offender broke her fingers. Now, she is the quarter office.

“She was recommended to the Quarter employee due to her reputation as someone who can be relied upon to pursue all available leads and is relied upon to make appropriate decisions through her strong understanding of appropriate laws, current case law, and policies and procedures for this organization,” a statement on the LPD Facebook page read.

Being in law enforcement in the family, it continues into another generation with Densmore.

“I always knew I was going to be in law enforcement,” Dinsmore said. “I have a great family history in it. I started with coaching and really loved being involved with them.”

Despite her pursuit of a career in law enforcement, softball never left her heart. She knew she wanted to continue participating in the game and she did. It’s not always easy to balance her day job with her time as a coach.

“We work 12-hour shifts and every week shifts,” Dunsmore said. “Coach (Mel) Rushing at Lagrange College had to put my schedule into her schedule because he was always confusing her. It definitely stinks when I had to miss a game. I’ve been able to put in more games and more practice this year.”

For a few more weeks, you can find Densmore at the Long Cane softball games and then you’ll be at LaGrange College helping the Panthers get ready for the 2022-23 season. Throughout the year you will find her patrolling the streets of LaGrange and keeping her safe.

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