CBSE Class 12 Physics Sample Paper 2022-23: Download PDF here

CBSE Physics Class 12 Sample Paper 2022-23: CBSE has released Physics Model Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 on the official website at and And download directly from the CBSE Class 12 Physics Sample question paper in pdf format here.

CBSE Class 12 Physics Sample Question Paper 2022-23: CBSE 12th Physics exam paper form is now available on the official website of Central Board of Secondary Education in

Training makes a person perfect. Since the Board of Directors has already issued the paper forms and the marking system for all 10th grade subjects, it is time to practice and master all the parts required for the exam.

Despite hard training, students often miss marks due to some common mistakes. You can avoid making such trivial mistakes by practicing all the NCERT problems. You also need to make sure that you clearly understand the general guidelines provided in CBSE Physics Sample Question Paper for Class 12 2022-23. Students who rush through these instructions end up making silly mistakes in their papers.

General instructions contained in Physics question paper template be:

Maximum marks: 70 marks

Time allowed: 3 hours.

General instructions:

(1) There are 35 questions in total. All questions are mandatory

(2) This question paper consists of five sections: Section A, Section B, Section C, Section D, Section E. All sections are mandatory.

(3) Section A contains eighteen MCQs of one mark each, Section B contains seven questions of two marks each, Section C contains five questions of three marks each, and Section D contains three long five-point questions each Of them, Section E contains two case studies and questions based on 4 marks each.

(4) There is no universal option. However, an internal option is provided in Sections B, C, D and E. You only have to try one option in such questions.

  1. The use of calculators is not permitted.

Candidates can view the full content of CBSE Class 12 Physics Question Paper 2022-23 below Easily prepare for the upcoming Class 12 CBSE Board Exam 2022-23.

Section A

1 According to Coulomb’s law, what is the correct relationship of the following figure?

(i) q1 q2 > 0

(2) q1 q2 <0

(3) q1 q2 = 0

(4) 1> q1/q2> 0

2 The voltage on the dipole axis at a distance ‘r from its center is V. Then the voltage is at a point at the same distance on its equator

(i) 2V

(II) -V

(3) V/2

(iv) zero

3 The temperature dependence (T) of the resistance of material A and material B is represented in Fig. (1) and Fig. (2) respectively.

Identify Article A and Article B.

(i) Material A is copper and material B is Germanium

(2) Material A is germanium and material B is copper

(3) Material A is nichrome and material B is germanium

(4) Material A is copper and material B is nichrome

4 Two concentric and coplanar circular loops P and Q have radii of 2:3 ratio. Loop Q carries a current of 9 A clockwise. In order for the magnetic field to be zero in the common center, the ring must carry P

(i) 3a clockwise

(2) 9 a clockwise

(3) 6 A in a counterclockwise direction

(4) 6 a clockwise.

5 A long straight wire of circular cross section of radius a carries a constant current 1. The current is uniformly distributed across the cross section. The ratio of the magnitudes of the magnetic field at A

The far point a/2 above the surface of the wire to the far point a/2 below its surface

(i) 4:1

(2) 1:1

(3) 4: 3

(4) 3: 4

6 If the magnetic field is increased on a ferromagnetic material, its permeability

(i) decrease

(2) increases

(3) has not changed

(4) decreases first, then increases

Physics sample paper for class 12 of CBSE 2022-23 attached below in pdf format.

Click here to download CBSE Class 12 Physics Sample Paper 2022-23 in PDF format

labeling scheme CBSE Physics Sample Paper Class 12 2022-23 In pdf format attached below.

Click here to download the tagging system in PDF format

with the CBSE Physics Sample Paper Class 12 2022-23, the marking scheme, all Class Notes for Class 12 Physics At hand, students can feel confident about their results.

If you are worried about all the physical processes, you should do it click here For immediate solutions. Remember that practical exams have a lot of weight in your final physics results in CBSE class 12 and prepare for practical applications well.

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Good luck to all candidates.

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