‘Brown will make playoffs!’: Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons sets Twitter on fire after making outlandish allegations after Cleveland Browns’ shock win over Pittsburgh Steelers

The Cleveland Browns are one of the most impacted teams in the off-season. Their quest for Deshaun Watson was seen as a major hit. However, it backfired to the point that the franchise would have to wait until Week 13. Despite losing more than half of the season, Cowboys star Micah Parsons believes Brown will continue to make it to the playoffs.

The 23-year-old full-back became a star in explosive play in the first three weeks of the 2022 season. Despite the Cowboys facing early tension, Parsons remained unfazed and continued to play, earning recognition from opponents such as Tom Brady, who praised the linebacker’s passion for the sport.


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While he has already become a star on social media, the youngster made a soothing statement to the Browns fan base. “Brown is going to make the playoffs!! Especially getting Deshaun late in the season!!” Micah Parsons wrote on Twitter.

If this becomes a reality, it could be a huge achievement for the franchise. The former Texan QB has already been offered a lucrative, fully guaranteed $230 million five-year contract, and losing him for more than half the season is definitely a headache.

After a brief spell between the league and the NFLPA, Watson was finally suspended for 11 games and stripped of his salary during that time. Furthermore, he will have to pay $5 million in fine. Much of it will be devoted to educating young people about healthy relationships and promoting education to prevent misconduct.

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Patriots owner Robert Kraft is disgusted that Deshaun Watson received the same punishment that Tom Brady did for the disqualification scandal

about 2 months ago

As of now, Jacoby Brissett is covering Watson’s events, and even the third week was good, conceding the loss to the New York Jets. The recent 29-17 win against the Pittsburgh Steelers reassured fans that Brissett was the right replacement in Watson’s absence.

The NFL world interacts with Micah Parsons who makes a bold prediction

Parson’s involvement in Brown’s case was certainly unexpected, but his statement would have made many fans happy. However, few resorted to his opposition and drew criticism in support of Deshaun Watson.

This fan was more than happy to hear something good for him.

This user wanted Parsons to delete the tweet.

This fan was not at all happy with the statement.

At the end of the day it is all about skill.

His soft corner for the Browns made fans expect that he’s ready to join the franchise in the future.

Another user thanked Parsons for his sport.

While this user was recruiting the linebacker.


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First of all, the Cowb0ys need to reserve a place in the playoffs, and Micah Parsons must play an important role to make that happen.


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The Falcons, Chargers and Patriots are the opponents that Brown will face in the coming weeks. Hopefully they keep their streak and can keep their playoff chances until Watson gets back on the field.

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