$250 million Peyton Manning misses the ‘thrill’ of showering with co-workers, reveals to Jimmy Kimmel

Peyton Manning had a great time in the NFL, bonding with his teammates in more than one way. Especially the way he interacted with them in the shower.

Manning made sure to have a good time while playing football, and he enjoyed being a team player. Football is one of the largest team sports in the world.

11 players compete every day with each other, and that builds a lot of companionship with the people you go out with on the field every day.

Playing a team sport requires more than just putting a finished product on the field. Many of those moments happen when you’re in the locker room.

Manning was such a big fan of the showers that he used to take him with his teammates. After he retired, Manning and Jimmy Kimmel lamented about having to shower alone, and how lonely the whole experience had been.

Manning said, “So I think what I miss most is camaraderie more than anything.” Jimmy Kimmel jokingly replied, “And showering with others, right?”

Manning replied, “Of course!”

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Peyton Manning was a true legend in the game

Aside from his love to shower with his teammates, Peyton Manning also loved to play football. He was good at that, too. If Tom Brady hasn’t played the whole time he has, there’s a good chance that Manning will be on top of all the major passing records.

His best season came in 2013, setting records for most yards in a season with 5,477 yards, and most touchdowns in a season with 55.

No one came close to matching those numbers, although Patrick Mahomes joined Manning as the only quarterback to have passed 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns in a single season.

Manning was a regular season machine, winning the MVP five, another NFL record. The Hall of Fame quarterback is probably the best arcade playing game ever.

In the 2013 season opener against Baltimore, Manning tied the NFL record for most assists in a single game when he set fire to the Ravens for 7 touchdowns.

Finally, Manning had a legendary career, which one of the players dreams of having. He finished two Super Bowl titles, made a perfect ending to his career, and won it all in his final season.

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