2021 Apple TV 4K drops to $120, plus rest of this week’s best tech deals

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If you’re a fan of Apple or Samsung, you’ve got plenty of discounted gadgets to choose from this week. Apple’s basic iPad remains on sale for $280, or you can buy the 12.9-inch iPad Pro for the record low of $900. On the Samsung side, the 1TB T7 Shield SSD hard drive is back on sale for just $100, and you can still get up to $200 off the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. And if you’re in the market for a new smart display, Amazon has They discounted the Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 5 models. Here are the best tech deals of the week that you can still get today.

2021 Apple TV 4K

Devendra Hardwar / Engadjit

Apple TV 4K is down to a record low of close to $120 right now. It’s our favorite high-end streaming device thanks to its support for 4K HDR content with Dolby Vision, as well as the excellent redesigned Siri Remote.
Buy Apple TV 4K from Amazon – $120

10.2 inch iPad

Apple’s entry-level iPad dropped to an all-time low of $280. We gave it a score of 86 for its solid performance, excellent battery life, and improved Center Stage cameras.
Buy iPad from Amazon – $280

12.9 inch iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro review (2021)
Chris Velasco / Engadget

The latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro is still on sale for $200, so you can get one for up to $900. We’ve given the tablet an 87 score for the M1 chipset that delivers incredible performance, its impressive screen, and new Center Stage cameras.
Buy iPad Pro (128GB) on Amazon – $900

MacBook Air M1

Apple MacBook Air M1
Devendra Hardwar / Engadjit

If you want to buy an older model, the MacBook Air M1 is on sale for $850 right now, which is close to its all-time low price. As one of Apple’s first devices with the M1 chipset, it impressed us when it debuted with its blazing-fast performance and excellent keyboard and trackpad, as well as its lack of fan noise.
Buy MacBook Air M1 from Amazon – $850

AirPods Max

Apple’s AirPods Max is $120 and drops to $429, the cheapest we’ve seen on Amazon. We gave the headphones a score of 84 for their excellent sound quality, comfortable fit, and strong ANC.
Buy Apple AirPods Max from Amazon – $429

Amazon Echo Show 8

Amazon Echo Show 8

Amazon’s mid-size smart display has dropped to a record low of nearly $80. We gave it a score of 87 for its cameras that are optimized for video chats, their solid audio quality, and their simple design.
Buy the Echo Show 8 from Amazon – $80

Amazon Echo Show 5

Amazon Echo Show 5

The Echo Show 5 is more than half off sale right now and comes down to just $40. This is one of our favorite small smart displays, in part because its size makes it such a great alarm. We like its simple design, good sound quality, and the tap to snooze feature.
Buy the Echo Show 5 from Amazon – $40

Samsung T7 Shield

The 1TB Samsung T7 Shield SSD is back on sale for $100, and it’s the best we’ve ever seen. This powerful drive features a rugged exterior that can withstand drops from nearly 10 feet, as well as an IP65 rating for dust and water resistance. It also has the same read/write speeds as other T7 models and works with a range of devices including PCs, Macs, Android, and even some game consoles.
Buy T7 Shield (1TB) from Amazon – $100

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 is already available for $200 off on Amazon, dropping to $1,600. The Z Flip 4 also has a $100 discount, so you can pick it up for $900. Both of these foldables just came out and we gave the Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 scores of 86 each.
Shop Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 Deals at Amazon


HBO Max has lowered its annual plan, so you can save 30 percent if you sign up and pay a year in advance. If you can handle the ads, the service will cost $70 for 12 months, down from the usual $100. For an ad-free experience, you’ll pay $105, which is $45 off the usual price.
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