What is the weather like in Manchester today?

The weather in Manchester is notorious for being often humid and gloomy, and now that summer is almost over, we’re probably getting a lot of this weather.

Some warmer weather has been on the cards lately, and to keep you updated on the latest Manchester weather forecast, here’s the weather forecast for September 23rd.

How will the weather be in Manchester today?

It looks like temperatures will remain in the high teens all day, and the weather looks the same as sunny during most of the afternoon.

You will feel the maximum temperature of 17°C most of the afternoon before the day gradually cools down as we approach the evening.

The day will end with dry spells after what will be a happy day.

The temperature will remain constant throughout the evening and into the night, staying in double figures at around 9°C.

Tomorrow looks like it will be brighter but cooler, with the temperature rising to only 15°C.

What is the Met Office summary for next week?

The Met Office has released its summary for the next few days across northwest England.


A fresh start for some, especially across Cumbria and Lancashire. Any fog spots clear by about mid-morning and then most places are bright with sunny spells, but a few showers are possible. Feeling slightly warmer than yesterday, mostly light wind. The maximum temperature is 18 degrees Celsius.


Scattered rains continued this evening and all night, and these became mostly confined to coastal areas. Otherwise, a cool, dry night with clear periods that allows for a touch of rural frost. The minimum temperature is 1 degree Celsius.


A generally bright day with sunny periods and while little showers are possible, many places will still be dry. Cool northern breeze, but feels happy in any afternoon sunlight. The maximum temperature is 16 degrees Celsius.

Forecasts for Sunday through Tuesday:

A cool but bright start on Sunday, then overcast with rain arriving overnight. Sunny spells and rain on Monday and Tuesday and feeling cold with active northwesterly winds.

What are the Bureau of Meteorology’s long-range forecast?

The Bureau of Meteorology has released its long-range weather forecast for the period Tuesday, September 27 through Thursday, October 6.

A generally unstable start to this period across the UK with a mixture of bright or sunny spells, showers and the occasional long bout of rain. Most of the continuous rain may affect the east initially and will increase the likelihood of the west later.

Any drier and brighter spells are most likely for the central and southern regions. Mostly windy, with occasional winds possible, mainly across the north and east. Until October, conditions are likely to remain variable with more frontal systems spreading from the west and northwest at times.

The wetter conditions with periods of strong winds are likely to be in the west, and the driest conditions in the southeast. Temperatures are fairly cool at first, especially across the north, but become close to or slightly above normal by the end of the period.

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