US: Bad weather forecast across parts of Texas through at least September 3

August 31, 2022 | 09:51 AM UTC

Expect heavy rain across parts of Texas, United States, through at least September 3. Floods and possible disturbances.


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Heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected across parts of Texas through at least September 3. However, the northern and southern parts of the state are the only areas that are not expected to be affected by rain and storms. Heavy rains may lead to flash floods and floods.

As of early August 31, the National Weather Service (NWS) issued flood and flood warnings and warnings for parts of western and south-central Texas. The NWS Weather Prediction Center (WPC) warned of a “moderate risk” (level 3 on a four-level scale) of heavy rainfall in western parts of the state near the Mexico border through early September. “Slight Hazard” (Level 2) of heavy rain for parts of West Texas through early September 3, for many central areas on August 31 – September. 1, the central eastern regions September 1-2. Officials can update and possibly extend coverage of weather alerts over the coming days.

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Continuing heavy rainfall may cause flooding in low-lying communities near rivers, streams and streams. Urban flooding is also possible in developed areas with rainwater drainage systems that flood easily. Sites downstream from reservoirs or large rivers may experience flash flooding after relatively short periods of heavy rain. Landslides are possible in hilly or mountainous areas, especially where heavy rainfall has saturated the soil.

Authorities can issue mandatory evacuation orders for flood-prone communities over the coming days and hurricane warnings advising the public to shelter in place. Disruptions to electrical and telecommunications services can occur when severe weather affects utility networks.

Severe weather is likely to contribute to transportation disruptions across the region. Flood waters and debris flows can render some bridges, rail networks or roads impassable, affecting overland travel in and around affected areas. Slanting on road surfaces may cause dangerous driving conditions on regional highways. Authorities can temporarily close some of the lower flooded roads.

Severe weather is also likely to cause flight delays and cancellations at airports across Texas. Floods can disrupt regional railways; Delays and cancellations of freight and passenger trains are possible in areas with heavy rain and possible track flooding.

Local work disturbances may occur in areas affected by floods or hurricanes; Some businesses may not operate at full capacity due to damage to facilities, possible evacuations and the inability of some employees to reach work sites.


Monitor local media for weather updates and related warnings. Confirm all transfers and opening times reservations before you travel. Make provisions for domestic travel delays and potential disruptions to the supply chain where flooding has been forecast. Do not drive on flooded roads. Review emergency plans and be prepared to move quickly to shelter if hurricane warnings are issued. Charge battery-powered devices in the event of prolonged power outages.


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