Time to talk about Mizzou Soccer, all of you!

Imagine my surprise when I saw an actual article on STL today about… Inspiration… Mizzou soccer! All I can say is, it’s damn time (to sing in the best Lizzo voice I have). Our successful new writer for non-rotation sports – I actually hate that we characterize them by calling them “non-profit” sports. It hurts my soul no matter how true – he’s been covering every home game this season for us at Rock M as he goes in.

So I asked Adeen Rao, the newest aspiring sports magazine at Rock M, why we care about this team.

  • beat kU
  • They have amazing defense, they can defend teams
  • They upset the undefeated ranked Auburn team in the SEC opener
  • They play at a very high level and have a very likable coach in Coach Golan
  • They have a lively atmosphere in the games

For the St. Louis Post-Dispatch article, let’s take a look at what Joe Lyons wrote via Golan to MU, and what she was able to do in Minnesota. After the Top 25 beat Auburn just last week, the second-ranked team had been removed from her Missouri tenure, and Stephanie had to say:

“We’re not where we want to be, but we feel we’re headed in the right direction,” Golan said. “At this point, we’re still in our bud, so check back in and ask me about our progress in three years. But we’re taking positive steps. I love the style of football we’re playing, I feel that recruitment is going in a positive direction and I’m happy with the course of the programme.”

As for Thursday’s game in Baton Rouge, after the Tigers led 1-0 in the first half, everyone thought they’d be able to pull it off. After all, Mizzou has been unstoppable in the second half so far this season.

That’s what we were looking at in the first half, in terms of stats, plus that beautiful goal from Kylie Dobbs.

Unfortunately, these else The Tigers showed what made them almost unbeatable this season. If you read my links yesterday, I mentioned that LSU outperformed its opponents 24-10 and outperformed its opponents 59-37. Thursday was no different, tying at 74 minutes with their first shot on target and then going well ahead at 84 minutes.

According to the MUTigers.com summary, teams were evenly matched across stats with Mizzou outselling LSU in shots (13-12) and cornering (8-5), and both teams have five shots on target.

Next, Mizzou returns to Walton Soccer Stadium to face Vanderbilt on Sunday, the first kick is scheduled for 1pm, and I’m betting Adeen will be there to cover it for the site.

to the links!

I don’t care if he doesn’t play with Mizzou anymore. I have to wish a happy birthday to one of my forever favorites, Javon Beckett! If it’s not the Missouri Tigers, this is definitely the next best thing.

Alert in our weekend podcast: BK is going to be hopping all over Los Angeles this weekend, so listeners will find a new voice in the closing podcast: Parker!!!


  • For those of us who thought the NCAA might actually come down to LSU regarding basketball offenses finally-Congratulations….you are an idiot (like me). It is about football.
  • In the ex-player news, I hope Shawn Robinson is doing well.

Hoops, routines and visits

  • Hey Anthony! Glad to see your coach coming soon to see you!
  • Hey, 2023 Chris Parker goal! Levi would like to note that CY’s arm is “too high” on his back? [Hitch reference]
  • UCBA owner Tracy Chang shared his thoughts on the recent visits of two of his co-stars:
  • Mizzou’s great nephew Travon Bryant got a visit from HCDG
  • A visit I don’t think we mentioned earlier:

Other sports Mizzou / General

  • Uhhhh… Looks like Team Rock M missed another full commitment over the weekend for Team Larissa. Oops. Hi Riley.

Zache, a 2024 recruit from South Bend, Ind. , listed as a Hunter/SS for her HS, but can play many positions. Extra Innings classifies it as no. 48 players in the 2024 class. She has a younger sister, Blakely, who is very well He made a perfect match last season.

Stats from MaxPreps for the 2021-22 season. Good…

via MaxPreps

  • Mizzou Gymnastics will take over the IG of Inside Gymnastics on Friday. We love to see it, ladies.
  • Here’s the new swimming schedule!

Mizzou’s Pros / Hodgepodge

  • It has nothing to do with Mizzou, but I really like this one. Cardinals fans were very lucky to be a part of this.

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