The most prominent potential customer battles in the fourth week

Team play officially begins this weekend with the Week 4 college football roster. Here are some of the best 2023 NFL probability battles that you should follow, as more and more NFL players clash with each other.

2023 NFL Draft Board: Top odds to watch in Week 4

Oklahoma UT Anton Harrison vs Kansas EDGE Felix Anodic-Ozuma

From a prospect’s point of view 2023 NFL Draft, this could be the most exciting game of the week. Anton Harrison and Felix Anodic-Uzuma are potential high-value prospects, with an early upside in their current trajectories.

Harrison is a full tackle prospect at 6’5, 315 pounds, with athletic power and strength. But his most marketable traits are his aggressive stretching ability, quick hand replacement, and adaptability. Only technicians can put pressure on Harrison, but that’s what anodic-ozuma blooms in. It’s explosive, relentless, and can stack counters with devastating fervor.

Tennessee QB Hendon Hooker vs Florida S Rashad Torrence II, Trey Dean III

Hendon Hooker was, statistically, an incredibly effective passer in 2021. That carried over to 2022. In three games, Hooker completed 69.4% of his passes for 844 yards, six touchdowns, and zero interceptions. He designed blasts against Ball State and Akron, and held out against Pitt’s fierce defense in Week 2.

Questions remain about Hooker – most notably his age and reliance on an unconventional offense. But Hooker has a sporting spirit and a lively arm. Against a Florida high school with two fast-flowing tanks in Rashad Torrence II and Trey Dean III, he’ll have a chance to prove himself.

Tennessee OT Darnell Wright vs Florida Edge Brenton Cox Jr.

Hooker’s performance will attract attention this weekend against Florida, especially among the Shrine Bowl staff. But there is more talent to pursue across both fronts.

Tennessee has a former five-star Rookie in Right Handling in Darnell Wright, who has at times inspired awe with his power, torque and displacement ability on contact. It’s a formidable right-side sight, with high recoil and grip strength. But he suffers from leverage at times, and Brenton Cox Jr. – a raging bull with a quick-twitch and ruthless drive – can take advantage.

SMU WR Rashi Rice vs. TCU CB Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson

Rashi Rice grabbed the attention of Shrine Bowl and other residents alike with his explosive start to the 2022 season. He’s been in a tear of control and will be sure to keep it up against the TCU.

However, Rice is plotting a second straight probability match in the NFL draft with TCU cornerback Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson. The Rice Hodges-Tomlinson comfortably excels in the size department, with superior frame height, length and density. But Hodges-Tomlinson plays more of his body and has the blast and agility in the short area to act as a cover hitter. This will be a real test of Rice’s ability to break away.

Penn State OT Olumuyiwa Vashano vs Central Michigan Edge Thomas Incom

The book has been published in Olumuyiwa Fashanu now. He’s a near elite physical talent with an early first-round cap, and he’s one of the biggest rookies in the 2023 NFL Draft tournament to date. He did a Barometer match last week against Auburn’s Derek Hall and he was pretty good.

Now, in an interesting development, Fashanu has become a benchmark for Central Michigan EDGE Thomas Incoom. The Incoom is a tall, burly pusher at 6’4, 265 pounds, with 4.5 tackles to lose and three bags year-to-date. The element of his strength and his undeniable strong hands are on the bar. But could he be upset against a talent like Fashanu?

Texas OT Christian Jones vs Texas Tech Edge Terry Wilson

The Texas attacking streak performed better than expected against a stacked Alabama front in Week 2. It wasn’t a perfect outing for the right tackle for Christian Jones, but the 6’6″, 333lb blocker had some nice reps. His main selling point is his size, height and strength, and he also has the strength to keep defenders in his frame when closed.

But if Jones wants to become a factor in the 2023 NFL Draft tackle class, he will have to continue to stack this week against Tyree Wilson. Wilson emerges from a dominant outing and has an elite strength ability and advanced athleticism to give Jones bouts on the edge.

Ohio State Ohio Paris Johnson Jr vs Wisconsin Edge Nick Herbig

At this point, Ohio State’s Fasano and Paris Johnson Jr. are the candidates for the first round of offensive tackles in the 2023 NFL Draft. Johnson has been an accepted candidate for a while, dating back to the summer months. So far, he has been impressed by his newfound left-handed position.

Johnson has the size, athleticism and violence of attack point. On the surface, a small-edge stylus like the Nick Herbig wouldn’t pose an incredibly large threat. But Herbig, despite his 6’2, 227-pound frame, already has four bags and five TFLs in 2022. His speed, bending and energetic hand could give Johnson plenty to contend with.

Ole Miss J Nick Brooker vs. Tulsa D.L. Anthony Goodlow

Nick Broeker has switched from interference to left-handed guard this year, giving NFL teams a first-hand look at how to view his potential role in the NFL. Broeker doesn’t have the height or strength required in tackles, but he is a smooth athlete who has shown he can cover the ground as a running barrier and hold his ability to protect passes.

Anthony Goodlow of Tulsa – a versatile defender with impressive freedom of rotation, power and tireless drive – a challenge for Broeker. Conversely, Goodlow can use this game to increase his inventory.

Chattanooga J McClendon Curtis vs Illinois DT Jerzan Newton

This is on a Thursday night, so you may have to watch after reading this. But watch Chattanooga’s offensive guard McClendon Curtis, who goes up against Illinois in a defensive encounter with Jerzan Newton.

This will be the toughest test of the season for Curtis, a 6’6, 325-pound indoor blocker with menacing power at attack point. Curtis likely won’t live up to what his teammate Cole Strange did, but he does offer interesting tools for NFL evaluators. His carry against the faster and leveraged Jer’Zhan Newton—who owns two bags and 2.5 TFLs already this year—would be great for the Curtis stock.

Virginia WR Donnatiyon Weeks vs. Syracuse CB Garrett Williams

Virginia’s offense, and thus Donnatiyon Weeks himself, took a step back this year. But Wicks is coming off his best game of the season, with four goals and an 85-yard outing against the Old Dominion. There is reason to believe that Wicks is following in his footsteps, and it comes at the right time.

This week, Wicks faces fellow 2023 NFL draft prospect Garrett Williams. Williams fought and found himself in a good position often against Charlie Jones in Week 3, but still trailed for nearly 200 yards. Williams will need to recalibrate at the pickup point, and Weeks’ length gives him a tough test.

Other Possible Battles to Watch in Week 4

  • Maryland OT Jaylene Duncan against. Michigan EDGEs Jaylen Harrell, Braiden McGregor
  • Iowa State WR Xavier Hutchinson against. Baylor CB Mark Melton
  • Missouri OT Javon Foster against. Auburn Edge Derek Hall
  • Bowling Green WR Odieu Hiliaire against. Mississippi CB Emmanuel Forbes
  • Kansas OT Earl Bostick Jr. against. Duke EDGE RJ Oben
  • USF OTs Donovan Jennings and Demontrey Jacobs against. Louisville Edge Yaya Diaby
  • Washington State OT Garrett Kingston against. Oregon Edge DJ Johnson
  • Old Dominion WR Ali Jennings III against. Arkansas State CB Leon Jones
  • Oregon G. Brandon Keeper against. USC DT is working again
  • Wake Forest QP Sam Hartmann against. Clemson LP Trenton Simpson
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