The Boston Celtics should consider Carmelo Anthony’s question

So much for the good injury news. The hoped-for early diagnosis of Danilo Gallinari’s knee injury turned out to be premature as the primary Boston Celtics agent’s signature suffered a ruptured ACL that would sideline him indefinitely. With Gallinari likely out all next season, the Celtics have a surprising need to score on the bench. Could future signature of Hall of Famer Carmelo Anthony be the answer?

The 38-year-old Anthony, who averaged 13.3 points and 4.2 rebounds per game with the Los Angeles Lakers last season, is currently without a team and looking for the best place to win the first championship ring of his career. The Celtics, who recently appeared in the NBA Finals, seemed like an ideal landing spot for them, but until recently the team didn’t need it. Gallinari’s injury dramatically changed the status quo.

Anthony may not be the front desk’s first choice to replace Gallinari’s role in the squad. When the striker first fell, reports indicated that the Celtics would try to fill that role through one of their internal candidates. Right now, the name that’s gaining the most traction is Sam Hauser, who has shown flashes of being a three-point shot threat with the team after signing as a two-way player after going out without drafting.

Not only does it make more sense in terms of long-term player development to give Hauser more chance than the well-known veteran, but it will also give the Celtics more flexibility. As NBC Sports’ Chris Forsberg pointed out in a recent article on the mailbag, the team is already above the luxury tax, so they simply won’t be able to dump Anthony if they sign him on a one-year deal.

At least one prominent person seems to be open to the idea. On Twitter, Celtics best player Jayson Tatum liked a tweet expressing her approval of the move. While we should be careful not to read too much into any NBA player’s social media activity, it’s hard to believe he was acting without knowing this would be visible to everyone. Could this be a letter to the front office?

Will Anthony be the perfect addition to the Celtics? Mostly not. Anthony’s love of the relatively ineffective mid-range shot makes him a throwback player in 2022 and even at that peak his defense left something to be desired. However, Anthony is still a talented goalscorer and unlike other players like him, he has successfully adapted from being a star player to being a professional player over the past few seasons. This is not an old disruptive locker room.

Anthony is the ninth all-time NBA scorer and the most decorated men’s basketball player in US Olympic history. He knows he needs a championship to complete his resume and the Celtics might give him his last and best chance. From an intellectual standpoint, it’s easy to see why the team would prefer to explore other options, but it’s hard not to imagine what the end of the fairytale might be for everyone involved.

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