SportsTalkATL’s new Braves 2023’s Team Rankings: 25-21

The series continues as we approach the top 20. With another strong appearance in the draft and some international signings, the Braves could return straight to the middle of the group for the farm system rankings – especially if they continue to develop players like Michael Harris and von Grissom at the rate they have been. Enough talk, let’s get to the arrangement. Previous versions are listed below:

#25 by Tyler Collins (Republic of Korea)

If you’ve read any of my potential stuff, you’ll know I’m very experienced in the sports of Tyler Collins. He was troubled by injuries, however, and was ineffective in limited action (.623 OPS in 12 ABs). Collins desperately needs a bounce back in 2023, but I believe in his potential. That’s the same kid who had a 0.877 OPS with six additional base strokes in 23 games when he was 18 years old.

#24 3b Ignacio Alvarez (A+)

“Nacho” Alvarez of Riverside Community College had a hot start to his big career in the league. After posting the .811 OPS at the Rookie Ball, Alvarez moved to Augusta with a few of his classmates after the FCL season ended in August. Nacho is a solid defender with good raw power – I’ll be excited to see if he can tap into that in 2023. Coming from Junior College, you just have to be patient with the kid. Hit well in Augusta, subtracting 0.866 OPS.

#23 3b David McCabe (A)

McCabe is an interesting player from Charlotte, he’s a formidable third baseman who hits the switch with more walking and extra base hits than the base hits in 2021. He’s 22 years old, 6’4 and 230 pounds – if the brave can take advantage of his raw streak They may really have something on their hands.

#22 SS Geraldo Quintero (A)

Quintero is only 20 years old, but he’s been on the Atlanta system since 2019. He stole 34 bases in 2022 at 0.768 OPS — there’s some serious potential here. It’s a key hitting a mediocre player who shows he’s a piece of the bench in the future, and maybe a starter on the field if he can really figure things out.

#21 RHP Seth Keeler (Republic of Korea)

Seth Keeler’s debut was pretty grueling – he succumbed to four tracks without logging out, but there was still plenty of upside in the 2022 draft pick. Keeler posted his high school video game numbers, and the Braves paid him a penny to keep him out of his commitment to Old Dominion. He has a solid mix of three pitches for a young player like him, and I’m excited to see what the Braves can do with him in 2023. He will likely start in Augusta.

Photographer: Larry Radloff/ICON Sportswire



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