Patrick Mahomes on what he learned from the 2021 season, playoff loss to the Bengals: ‘You can’t relax at all’


Patrick Mahomes was the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs for over four seasons, and in all of his full seasons, the Chiefs hosted the AFC title match. They have reached the Super Bowl twice and won it once. Last season was the first that Mahomes and Kansas City struggled for that long, and as they lost a playoff they should have no doubt won.

From Weeks 5 through 9, Mahomes completed only 60.3 percent of his passes averaging 6.0 yards per attempt, throwing six touchdown passes for six interceptions as Kansas City were advancing 3-2 but averaging only 17.4 points per game. He and the rest of the offenders got back on track through the rest of the regular season and their first 2.5 playoff games, but the second half of their AFC Championship loss to the Bengals was pretty ugly.

Kansas City had a 21-10 lead in the first half and had a chance to go further, but Mahomes threw an ill-advised pass to Terek Hill shortly before the break allowing the clock to run out rather than give the Chiefs a chance to kick the ball. field goal. In the second half, they managed to score only three points and lost 27-24. Mahomes says he learned a big lesson from the season’s struggles and from the loss to Cincinnati.

“You can’t relax. That was the biggest thing,” Mahomes said in The Athletic. “Every game I played in the qualifiers, for the most part, was a back and forth and we had to fight to the end. We got up a lot and relaxed. Then (the Bengals) got the momentum and we couldn’t restart it again. That’s something I’m going to keep for the rest of my career. We won. Once in the Super Bowl. But you want to have at least two or three by the next few years.”

The Chiefs started 2-0 this season, and the Mahomes is 54 of 74 for 595 yards and seven touchdowns in the league, with no objections. (He tried to throw at least a couple of picks against the Chargers last week, only to see them get knocked down or overturned with a penalty.) This weekend, he has an appointment with the Colts, whose defensive coordinator — Gus Bradley — is the coach back to The right track ahead of him in the middle of last season. So there is an opportunity to extend the hot start, putting the Chiefs in a position to reclaim a place at the top of the AFC, and potentially on their way to hosting another AFC title match. If they can get back out there, those two or three Super Bowls will become much more achievable.

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