NBA 2K23 New York Knicks: All Players Ratings

NBA 2K23 is here, and it’s good. The game gives fans what they want, more than the same while adding extra fun content to it. Team ratings are updated for each game depending on how well the players perform. Today we are going to take a look at NBA 2K23 New York Knicks reviews.

This latest release has done a lot to try to win back a lot of player base. They have brought back some fun basketball game modes for players to enjoy. These serve as additional game modes where you just go for a casual fun time.

Furthermore, 2K has done its best to do justice to every player. They are well aware of the passion of basketball fans for this sport and do not want to inaccurately represent their favorite players.

The gameplay also has a lot of variety here. It’s a sports game, but there are still video game aspects to it here. You can create some of the best layouts to take control of the enemy team and these can include the best central layouts or the best point guard layouts.

Moreover, the player can equip some items to improve their team further. These items include Best Finishing Badges, Best Defending Badges, Best Playmaking Badges, or Best Shooting Badges.



  • There are three ratings that determine how good a player is in the game. The first is their overall rating, the second is their 3-point rating, and the last is their Driving Dunk rating.
  • All of these combined allow you to see what else the player is good at. Some players even excel at things when compared to their stronger teammates; If a player has a higher overall score and a rating of less than 3 points, it means that someone else has a better chance of scoring than him.
  • Even if a player’s overall rating is too low, they can still be a valuable asset. They can come in clutch when the other team is about to score. RJ Barret, Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle are the best players on the team so far.

NBA 2K23 New York Knicks players

NBA New York Knicks as shown in the game

Now, we have basic knowledge of the game and how you rate the players. Let’s get into the guide. Our guide will include ratings of all the players on the team. We hope this proves useful while you play.

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Furthermore, our guide will mention 3-Point Shot rating, driving dunk rating, and overall ratings for each individual player. Even if you do not agree with these ratings as a fan of a particular player, your knowledge of them will definitely let you know who is the best character in the game.

RJ Barrett

RJ Barret is the strongest player on the team. He’s the player who is the main star and who comes in the clutch during tough situations. His overall rating is 84, and his 3-point shot rating is 78. Finally, his Driving Driving rating is 80.

Galen Bronson

Next, we have Jalen Bronson, who finished very close to second, with an overall rating of 83. He beats RJ Barret with his 3-point shot ratings, at 81. He falls too short because they are only 50 years old.

Julius Randle

Here we have the third best player on the team. Julius Randle is a two-way slasher with an overall rating of 82. His 3-point score is 73, and Dunk’s education is where he most strongly beats Jalen Brunson as his rating is 80.

Derek rose

Derek Rose is another great addition to the team. His overall ratings are excellent, sitting at 81. The 3-point shot rating is the highest in the team; He’s 83. He’s way too short in the driving dunk ratings. His driving rating is 45.

Mitchell Robinson

Next, we have the first defensive player in our guide. Mitchell Robinson is essential to the team because he prevents others from scoring. His overall rating is 81, his 3-Point Shot rating is among the lowest in the game, 32, and his Driving Dunk rating is 80.

Emmanuel Quikli

Now we move on to some of the other respected players on the team. Emmanuel Quikley has an overall rating of 77. His 3-point shot rating is 78, his off-road driving rating is pretty low and he is ranked 55. He is a huge part of the team.

Obi Tobin

Obi Tobin is another great player, and he has a total score just below Emmanuel Quikley as he sits at 76. His 3-point shot rating is 73. Finally, he has Driving Dunk rating the best in the team, which is 90.

Evan Fournier

This 6’6 is a sniper and can come in clutch whenever you need an accurate scorer during a game. His overall rating is 76, and he has a Dunk driving rating of 50. He shines with his 3-point shot rating, which is 82.

Cam Reddish

Cam Reddish is your 6’8 2 outside scorer. He’s the player who can suddenly grab the ball and score in the game. His overall rating is 74, his Driving Dunk rating is 80, while his 3-point shot rating is 79.

Isaiah Hartenstein

Next, we have Isaiah Hartenstein, the 7’0 German interior designer. He is the tallest player on the team and also an essential part of it. His overall rating is 74, his 3-point shot rating is 71, and his Driving Dunk rating is 65.

Quentin Grimes

Now we have another shooter. Quentin Grimes is a very good scorer who can come in his place whenever you want to score, and his location helps him immensely. His overall rating is 72, his 3-point shot rating is 82, and his Driving Dunk rating is 70.

Miles McBride

Miles McBride is perhaps the weakest shooter on the team. It can still prove to be very useful when used correctly. His overall rating is 71, his 3-point shot rating is 70, and his Driving Dunk rating is 65.

Jericho Sims

This 6’9 player can be devastating to the enemy team or to you, depending on the player. His overall rating is 71, he has a 3-point lowest rating where he sits at 26, and where he shines is his Dunk’s driving rating of 80.

Veron Hunt

Now we’re talking about the guards. They are your defences, and they will do their best to snatch the ball away from the opponent. Feron Hunt is good, has an overall rating of 67, a 3-point shot rating of 68, and his Dunk Driving Rating of 75.

Trevor Keeles

Finally, we have Trevor Kells, another guard. He will make sure that the enemy team does not score easily. His overall rating is 67, his 3-point shot rating is 71, and his Driving Dunk rating is 70.

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And that ends our NBA 2K23 New York Knicks Rating Guide. We have listed all the players and given their ratings clearly and concisely.

Furthermore, we hope you enjoyed reading the guide and that it helped you learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Playing in different teams and getting to know them is one of the most fun parts of the series.

what is your opinion of the game? Did you find the ratings accurate? Who is your favorite NBA player? Does the game offer enough new content to warrant a purchase? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

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