Nathaniel Hackett struggled early in his tenure at the Denver Broncos

After a series of missteps in managing the game, it’s fair to say that Nathaniel Hackett’s tenure with the Denver Broncos is off to a rough start. If the 42-year-old former Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator isn’t really on the hot seat after just a couple of games, he could start to get a little warm unless he starts showing signs that he’s up to the task.

“I just want to make sure I’m the most competent and can communicate in the best possible way,” Hackett said on Monday. “Up until this point I haven’t done that, and I could do a lot better.”

This comment came a day after Broncos fans reached the extraordinary length of Countdown clock play It came close to zero during Denver’s 16-9 victory over visiting Houston Texans on Sunday. The cheer triggered another penalty kick from the Broncos’ postponed match, a type of gaffe more associated with visiting teams.

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Including a season-opening loss to the Seattle Seahawks, the Broncos incurred four game delay calls, twice more than any other team. By contrast, over the past six years, a period that included three different coaches, Denver has averaged fewer than four penalty kicks per season. Hackett’s team has also been reported to get six false starts in the league, and his total of 25 penalties far exceeds the 18 earned by the next most penalized team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

This lack of discipline would reflect poorly on any coach in the NFL, but Hackett also suffered from a lack of decisiveness, not to mention some very questionable choices when he finally made a call.

The most famous episode came at the end of losing to the Seahawks to a national television audience on “Monday Night Football” eager to watch Wilson take on the franchise with which he spent the first ten years of his career. With Denver down by one with about a minute left and a fourth-and-five standoff just behind midfield, Hackett nearly let his playing hour run out before calling a timeout 20 seconds from the end and sending kicker Brandon McManus to attempt a 64-yard field goal. Given that NFL teams are 2 for 42 in attempts this length since 1960 – the kick failed and questions immediately arose as to why the head coach would have preferred Hail Mary-esque option over letting the highly-paid and experienced Wilson try to capture five yards down first.

“Looking back, we definitely had to go for it,” Hackett said after the 17-16 defeat.

Last week brought a better result, but given that it was a close, low-grade affair against a Texan team widely expected to be one of the worst in the league, the quality of the win can still be called into question. Unfortunately for Hackett, it’s also his ability to translate his area of ​​expertise – attack – into results.

The Broncos is one of only two teams who have yet to score a touchdown in the red zone. This is despite the fact that Denver made six trips within their opponents’ 20-yard line. By comparison, offensively struggling Chicago Bears and first-year coach Matt Ebervloss have had three touchdowns in four trips to the red.

Denver is zero to 5 in scoring situations, and while Hackett has been criticized for taking the ball out of Wilson’s hand in some situations, he has also been under attack for calling too many passing passes near the end zone. Within their opponents’ 10-yard line, the Broncos ran the ball only four times while throwing 12. In those passes, Wilson had only four passes. Managing only 16 points in each of its games, Denver is on track to score the worst mark in every game since the Broncos faltered in 1971 to an average of 14.5 points.

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Hackett was brought in not only for his famous offensive prowess but unlike, in many ways, former coach Vic Fangio, a one-time defensive coordinator in his 60s known for somewhat rude behaviour. The younger, more charismatic Hackett is believed to have the people skills that Fangio lacks, and has promised to bring welcome changes this year in energy and Analytical approach.

What Hackett didn’t bring was Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. There has been speculation that the former Green Bay assistant was specifically hired by the Broncos To attract The quarterback moved to Denver, but a person familiar with the situation said the team decided Hackett was their best option regardless of quarterback.

If Rodgers is the best, the Broncos has a consolation prize in Wilson, who came from Seattle on a huge trade and was promptly awarded a five-year contract extension worth $245 million, including $165 million in secured money. “I have a lot of faith in Coach Hackett,” the 33-year-old Wilson said on Wednesday, citing his novelty in the team as a factor in his offensive problems.

One sequence in the Texas game exemplifies much of what Broncos fans have been disappointed with. Third and one in the late third quarter, with Denver down three but having hit Houston’s 35-yard streak, Hackett called for an H-back option featuring a tight end/under-used quarterback, Andrew Beck. The uncut former Free agent was unable to defeat the defenders to the edge and lost an yard. Now facing fourth and second, Hackett eventually sent McManus, who tied the score with a 54-yard field goal. But wait – game delay! After pushing five yards back but still within the Texas area, Hackett chose to shoot rather than attempt a 59-yard field goal that would have been five yards shorter than the one he went to in Seattle that didn’t take advantage of Denver’s thin air.

House audiences booed when the CBS broadcast crew questioned Hackett’s summons and called the punishment “brutal”.

In the fourth quarter, Hackett had to burn his second time as Denver warmed up for a punt match with only 10 men on the field. The missing player happens to be the team’s kick-back, Montreal Washington. Then the coach Use his third and last timeout With just over seven minutes left because the hour of play was about to end on a second pass and 11 after a penalty kick from Texas.

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No wonder, then, that Broncos fans feel compelled to start telling Wilson & Co when the flag of another game delay is imminent.

“I think that worked,” the optimistic midfielder said with a chuckle after the match. “That was great that our fans had.”

In his press conference on Monday, Hackett stressed the need for improvement.

“We have to make sure the communication is clear and concise,” he told reporters. “I need to do a better job of making decisions faster and faster, communicating that information to the midfielder, and being on the same page with him.”

In fairness, Hackett has had some bad luck, including a major pre-season knee injury to wide receiver Tim Patrick, who was expected to be an important contributor. Wide receiver Jerry Goody left the Texans game in the first quarter with a rib injury, weakening Denver’s attack. In the loss to the Seahawks, both Melvin Gordon and fellow linebacker Jafonte Williams both lost touchdowns on the goal line. If they hit the ball in the end zone instead, the Broncos could be a very good 2-0 with a more functional attack. As it stands, Hackett could point to his team’s third best yard per lead position, at 41.2, as evidence that he’s doing something right.

However, the relatively fruitless way most of these drives ended up presenting a major problem that Hackett has to fix. Meanwhile, the sluggish pace at which Denver played resulted in the second-worst overall result of 19 drives, meaning the team gave themselves little margin for error.

If Hackett suffers more injuries to himself this week, it will once again be in full view of the national spotlight — and in front of Denver fans — as the Broncos prepare to host the San Francisco 49ers in “Sunday Night Football.”

The Year 1 coach confirmed on Wednesday that he was “doing everything I could to try to put myself in a position to make decisions faster, faster, and more effectively.”

“I think we will get some good answers as we go forward,” he said.

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