NASCAR 2022 Auto Trader EchoPark Automotive 500 Bet Analysis

There are some who would suggest that the NASCAR Cup Series playoffs have been a bit counter-climate to this point. After all, we went through 3 races in the Round of 16 with 3 different winners, none of whom made the initial cut 16 times. Drivers play it safe in hopes of picking up points and moving on. With the pitch now down to 12, you feel someone needs to move soon if they want to break away from the pack and run in the championship. This weekend, Round 12 begins in Texas with the AutoTrader EchoPark Automotive 500. Let’s take a look at our current favorites to see who might come out on top so you can bet against the NASCAR Odds.

NASCAR Cup Series Betting Preview for 2022 Auto Trader EchoPark Automotive Race 500

Chase Elliot (+300)

After going through a rip that saw him win 3 races out of 5, Elliott calmed down a bit as he came down on the stretch in the regular season. He got off to a slow start in qualifying, but gathered his strength through those opening three races, wrapping up the last 16 with 2second abbreviation Finishing place in the night race last weekend. This is a driver who knows what it takes to win the championship, which he did in 2020, so he is well positioned for another deep run. 7 . ranThe tenth In this race last season, so every reason to believe he will be among the leaders on Sunday.

Denny Hamlin (+450)

We’ve said no driver in qualifying has made a real post-season footprint, but Denny Hamlin could go ahead and argue on the point. finished 2second abbreviation In the opening 2 races of the qualifiers and concluded the Round of 16 with a Top 10 finish last weekend. This beautiful figure made him sit at 6The tenth In general at the moment, but he would like to move forward and make his passage to the quarter-finals more comfortable. He finished outside the top 10 in Texas last season, but his current form suggests he could be better here.

(+620) Kyle Larson

The defending champion was pretty much unstoppable en route to the Series Cup last season, but he just didn’t have it all his way this time. With that said, Larson racked up a pair of season wins and was gradually improving over the opening three races of qualifying, finishing in the Round of 16 with a top-five finish in Bristol last weekend. This is not a driver to write off at any time, and when you consider his victory in Texas last year, he might be the man to bet on him this week.

Joey Logano (+800)

It was kind of an odd season for Lugano, starting his business quietly, hitting a couple of wins and consistently working enough to stay amongst the leading group. At this point, it’s at 2second abbreviation In general, quite a black horse descends on the extension. He hasn’t been great in the playoffs to this point and he hasn’t had such a great performance in Texas the last time. However, it might be worth taking a look at the top 5 players in Sunday’s finals.

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