Montrezel Harrell teases the next major season bounce


Montrezel Harrell #6 of the Washington Wizards was fouled by Pat Connaughton #24 of the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Philadelphia 76ers made news late in the holiday season with the surprise addition of Montreal Harrell to cap an already impressive offseason. Harrell’s connections to the Sixers organization are well noted as he was drafted by Daryl Morey during his time with the Rockets and had his best seasons under Doc Rivers with the Clippers. He is expected to play a major role in resolving the Sixers’ backup position issue this season. His ability to swing the edge and his vibrant personality are sure to make him a fan favorite. The 28-year-old has publicly expressed his happiness online and seems to be enjoying the fans who already believe in him. The big quoted man tweeted a post on Twitter saying that the year of revenge is coming to heighten the excitement.

Harel’s last struggles

The peak of his career so far occurred during the 2019-20 season with the Clippers. Harrell averaged 18.6 points. 7.1 rebounds, 1.7 assists, 1.1 blocks per minute 27.8 of his per game. The Louisville producer earned a Sixth Man of the Year award for his outstanding production off the bench and played a significant role in the success of the Clippers’ regular season.

Since this time he bounced around the NBA. He signed with the Lakers after that season and spent one season with the team. Harrell then traded with the Wizards in the deal that brought Russell Westbrook to the Lakers. He spent half a season with Washington before being traded to the Charlotte Hornets to finish last season.

While he was expected to be a desirable free agent, some legal issues complicated this matter. Harrell was stopped with three pounds of marijuana in his car this summer and faced criminal charges. After undergoing legal proceedings, the charges were reduced to a misdemeanor, and ensured he was available for the season. Once the legal process was complete, the Sixers jumped at the chance to add the talented free agent.

2022-23 Predictions for Harrell Montreal

The struggle to find an effective backup position goes back several years for the Sixers. The team has gone through many high-profile names including Dwight Howard, Andre Drummond, Deandre Jordan, and more, but has failed to find a player capable of filling the massive boots that Joel Embiid has left. Paul Reed provided the team with the best spare minutes the team had seen during the post-season period last year, but he still had some notable increasing difficulties to work through.

The most exciting part about adding Harrell is his offensive ability and chemistry with James Harden. While his 6’7 frame might not make him look like a typical big guy, his play certainly does. Harrell is a pick-and-roll machine that loves to get up for rocking immersion. During the two seasons he played for Harden in Houston, he ranked 87th and 89th percentile for pickup possessions.

This ability will make the Sixers more flexible from a rotation standpoint. A lineup of James Harden, Montrezel Harrell and three shooters could do quite a bit. During their last season together in Houston, the lineup of Harden, Harrell, Ryan Anderson, Trevor Ariza and Eric Gordon outperformed opponents by 20 points per 100 ownership and was the team’s best statistical lineup.

While the other three on the field certainly played a part, there is a logic behind trying to recreate this one. The feeling around Harel seems to be that he’s fallen, but he’s still only 28 years old. With a more defined role, familiar teammates and training, there could certainly be a year of recovery from the previous sixth man of the year. He made it clear that these were his intentions, and now it was time to see her in court.

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