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There are only a dozen or so games per team left in the regular season. We keep the pedal on the metal at the front of the DFS as we head toward the end, which is more than you can say about the Detroit Tigers. There are 12 games on the list and they start at 7:05 PM EST or later. I’m taking you to one of the last weekends of the season with these recommendations.

Set up

Chris BassettNYM at OAK ($9,500): Bassitt posted a 3.32 ERA in his first season as a volunteer. While better at home, Auckland is a bowler-friendly soccer field. Most importantly, athletics ranks 29th in number of rounds recorded and last in average team strokes.

Brady SingerKC vs. SEA ($8,600): The Royals are counting on Singer to take the brunt in a poor rotation, and he’s largely been on his shoulders with a 3.02 ERA and 2.04 from his last 12 starts. The Mariners will probably return to the playoffs, but they will do so by attacking the bottom 10.

Lucas Giolito, CWS vs. IT ($7,700): Giolito ERA has more than five, but also a 4.15 FIP as he hits a 9.90 hitter for all nine runs. Although the Tigers are the last time they scored, they battle athletics in a fight to be either 30 or 29 on the OPS team and 3-7 in their last 10 encounters.

The most important goals

You will benefit Bobby Wait (5,300 USD) To learn to walk, but his 20 hurdles and 28 stolen bases as a beginner are worth the excitement for fantasy players. It also boasts .787 home OPS hits medium and power but, again, doesn’t walk. For the second year in a row, Marco Gonzalez has compiled a significantly worse FIP (5.09) than ERA (4.01). Somehow, he only hit 4.99 hitters per nine runs.

You can shuffle with produce Cory Seeger ($4900) Against his contract, but he achieved highs in home runs (32) and RBI (82). He also loved his new garden where he kept a 0.913 OPS. Cody Morris has only made four starts for MLB, and interesting things can happen at this sample size. Morris is Uber with a 2.30 ERA, but also a 5.40 FIP.

bat deal

Hey, someone out there is finally some support for Aaron Judge! Jaleber Torres ($4100) It has produced .960 OPS in the past three weeks and .821 for left this season. Southpaw Rich Hill struggled to get to 5.65 ERA during his last eight starts, which made him sort of the opposite of Torres and thus someone to target.

In his first campaign with The Rockies, Randall Grechuk ($4100) Scored .858 OPS at Coors Field and .894 against the left. Sean Manaea has been brutal this year, especially on the road with a 6.10 ERA with a 0.278 right hit against southpaw.

Stacks to consider

Padres at the Rockies (Ryan Feltner): Mane Machado ($5400), John Soto ($5400), Jake Kronworth (4200 USD)

The Coors field has already appeared, and now I’m back in the stronghold of offensive production. In his career, Feltner slipped to 7.20 home while allowing 1.77 starting points for all nine runs. The Padres left their bowler’s court for hitter’s court, and that makes for a perfect time for a stack.

Machado hit .296 with 30 Homer and 94 RBI. He has usually done better against the right-wingers, and this year he scored a 0.900 OPS on the road. Soto, as usual, has had an OBP of over 0.400 along with a strong 1,023 OPS against the right since 2020. Cronenworth has hit .453 against right-handers in the past two seasons, but the left has posted 0.770 OPS in away games.

Phillies vs. Braves (Jake Odorese): Bryce Harper ($5500), Kyle Schwarber ($5100), Bryson Stott ($2,900)

This has become the go-to pile for me when Feliz takes on Ayman. Odorizzi has been squabbling since joining the Braves with a 4.54 ERA through seven starts while giving up seven homers.

Harper has caught a cold, but there is plenty of reason to believe he can turn it based on his 1,041 OPS against the right and 1,099 at home since 2020. Schwarber has crushed 40 home hurdles and is set to lead the NL on that front. And over the past three seasons, South has hit .547 against right-handed shooters. Apprentice Stott produced nine house bugs and nine larks. So far in his career. He prefers to be at home with the .739 OPS.

White Sox vs Tigers (Eduardo Rodriguez): Eloy Jimenez ($5,300), Jose Abreu ($4900), Andrew Fon (4500 USD)

Rodriguez got off to a slow start for the Tigers with a 4.38 ERA before leaving long enough. He’s back, and in six starts he manages to… 4.32 ERA. Rodriguez is also left-handed, so this is a three-column group.

Jimenez is burning with 1,024 OPS in the past three weeks and a mark of 0.951 overall. Abreu has been better on the road, but still scores .846 OPS at home and .912 against the left in the past two years. Vaughn has scored a .794 OPS in the past three weeks and a 0.877 during his career when he faces South.

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