Man Goes Viral For Claiming He Quit Teaching For Walmart

It is no secret that teachers in the United States are paid very low salaries.

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According to data as recently as May 2019, the median salary for a job that requires a college degree in the United States was $92,175. The average high school teacher salary is $65,930.

And while pay gaps vary from state to state, reports show that teachers earn anywhere from 2% to 32.7% less than other workers with degrees, and for many, they’ve reached the point where sufficiency is enough.

This led to an Ohio teacher posting on TikTok after he revealed he quit his job as an early education teacher to earn more money through the retail business. Seth Gabriel, who was an early education teacher, claims he quit his job after six years to pursue a career as a Walmart trainer.

The video in the caption reads, “Leaving teaching after 6 years to become a Walmart manager and making more no use of my degree.”

In his comments to the video, Gabriel said that teachers in his Ohio county earn between NIS 23-30 thousand a year. He said his salary in his first year was $23,000, and his last salary in his sixth year of teaching was $43,000.

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“I know a lot of people who are starting to retire in my area and have been earning 75/80 [thousand] the nest. But after 25 years,” Gabriel explained in a follow-up video.

Gabriel said in a video that as a coach at Walmart, he can command a salary starting around $65,000 to $70,000, but even more than that as a Walmart manager.

Store managers earn six figures plus a crazy bonus depending on how they work,” he claimed in another video.

Some comments suggest that Gabriel will now give up free nights and weekends when moving into retail, but Gabriel noted that being a teacher also involves “lesson planning, grading report cards, and after-school events” among other responsibilities. He estimated that he works about 60 hours a week as a teacher, while working at Walmart would only make him work about 45 hours.

Per Walmart’s website, GM Coach is a position where he “effectively leads and develops teams through teaching, coaching, and actively listening to colleagues” among other responsibilities, which Gabriel will do.

According to In fact, the average annual salary for a business coach at Walmart is $58,992. A new study found that 51% of teachers “strongly disagree” that they receive fair pay.

Although not all hope is lost for teachers who are striving for better salaries.

Florida has invested more than $2 billion in teacher salaries over the past three years, according to its website, and teachers received new salary increases last May. In New York City, the starting salary for a teacher with a bachelor’s degree and no prior teaching experience is approximately $57,845.

Walmart is down 10% in a one-year period as of Wednesday morning.

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