Lexington tree service experts help new customer save tree by pruning trees

Created to help Kentucky homeowners keep their trees healthy, Lexington Tree Service experts yesterday helped a new client save his trees from an infectious disease. To the homeowner’s surprise, the company was able to restore the health of his trees using a procedure as simple as tree pruning.

“It took the family a long time before they hired tree service experts in Lexington to do the tree maintenance that would save these trees from disease,” Francis said. By the time the family reached out Lexington Tree Service experts, about three trees have died.”

Francis noted that he inadvertently hired the inexperienced tree service team. The team reportedly lost the root cause of the disease and proceeded to use tree pruning to make the trees look great. Unfortunately, the trees died after about three weeks.

“The disease seemed contagious because the same symptoms on the original trees seemed to have spread to several other trees,” Francis said. “However, after losing several trees in weeks, the family devoted themselves to saving the rest of the affected trees and preventing the spread of disease.”

The homeowner notes that finding tree service experts in Lexington takes a lot of work. At first, he had to walk around and ask the neighbors about their favorite tree maintenance companies.

“The family was looking for more than just a tree snoozer,” Francis said. The family wanted to remove the dead trees to make room for other healthy trees. Moreover, the family knew that infected trees had to be worked with trimmers to at least get rid of the affected branches – all of this would need more than just an arborist. ”

The homeowner noted that several homeowners he spoke to recommended tree service experts in Lexington. So the homeowner went online to look at the company’s website and Google My Business page.

To see the Tree Service Experts Lexington website, use this link: https://www.thelocaltreeexpert.com/ky/lexington/

He was surprised when he checked the company’s website and realized that they had been in Lexington for over 25 years. This was a good first impression considering he was looking for a seasoned team in Lexington. According to the homeowner, the team also boasted advanced tree maintenance tools like bucket trucks and cranes—and the homeowner liked this set of advanced tools because he knew his trees required it.

“The company also boasted a very nice Google My Business page,” Francis said. “I’ve had very positive feedback from previous customers. When the family finished going through the reviews, everyone was convinced Tree Service Experts Lexington would be the best company to work with.”

The homeowner contacted Tree Service Experts Lexington the same day after completing his research. The company responded quickly and sent someone to provide a cost estimate.

The company’s cost estimator noted that the company can handle everything – from saving trees to “Remove the dead tree,” Francis said. “Surprisingly, the company offered a very reasonable fee for all services.”

The owner of the house indicated that the team used tree pruning to remove all damaged and infected branches. The operator then disinfected the connection between the infected branches and the tree trunk to ensure that bacteria would not jump from the branch to the main tree. Next, the company handled removing the dead tree.

“The family will continue to use the services offered by Tree Service Experts Lexington,” Francis said. “This is the best tree service the family has had so far.”

Tree Service Experts Lexington operates out of 2285 Executive Dr, Lexington, KY 40505, United States.

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