“It was one of those rare moments that I can say was pure magic to me; it was beautiful.”

The last time the Boston Celtics won the NBA championship was in 2008 Kevin Garnett’s first year with the team. Boston sent five players and two first-round picks to Minnesota for the “big ticket.”

On the “KG Certified” podcast, Garnett opened up to former teammate Paul Pierce about his feelings on his first day in Boston after the trade:

“Once the deal was done, Boom, I was in Boston! I saw a different ‘P.’ You [Paul Pierce] It was already booked. When we met, the coffee was instant!

“We were finishing each other’s sentences. …that was one of the rare moments that I can say was pure magic to me.”

He completed:

“We were sitting in the room and it was all about basketball. It was refreshing to be around slanted minds with a different point of view. It was beautiful.

“It inspired me so much that I didn’t think about anything other than the season opener and how I want to be physically and mentally. It was all falling into a different box for me.”

Before the Celtics traded for Kevin Garnett, they had the second worst record (24-58) in the NBA. Paul Pierce, the team’s young star, has been disappointed with the way the front office, led by Danny Ing, is building the team. After years of inconsistent wins, “The Truth” wanted to fix the roster or would have asked for a deal.

The caution imposed Ainge’s hand during the 2007 NBA Draft. Boston, who had the second-best odds for a #1 pick, dropped to 5. Ainge drafted Jeff Green and then bundled him up with Wally Szczerbiak and Delonte West and a second-round pick to the Seattle Supersonics by Ray Allen.

‘I just had a gut feeling’: How the Celtics made a risky deal for Ray Allen and started the Big 3 era bit.ly/2sQdZOH https://t.co/YiDXRlYSeq

“Merchant Dan” is not over yet. Kevin Garnett recalled the behind-the-scenes events that led to his deal with the Boston Celtics:

“When Danny [Ainge] Came to Malibu, meet me. I was totally real, there wasn’t a bunch of laughs. You are right about that. …When he left, I probably knew with 99.95% confidence that I was coming to Boston.”

Boston sent Ryan Gomez, Gerald Green, Al Jefferson, Theo Ratliff, Sebastian Telfer, and two first-round picks to Minnesota to get Kevin Garnett. It was the biggest deal in NBA history for any player at the time.

The Celtics now had the “Big 3” of Garnett, Allen and Pierce.

The Boston Celtics have made the biggest turnaround in NBA history with Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen

Before the Boston Celtics made up the “Big Three,” they set a shocking 24-58 record during the 2006-07 season.

Leading by Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, they finished the following season with the best card 66-16 in the NBA. They were seven games above the second best Detroit Pistons.

However, the Celtics did not rest on their laurels. They had a much bigger prize on their mind.

More than two decades after Larry Bird led the Boston Celtics to the 1986 NBA Championship, Boston returned to the top of the NBA in 2008.

The Boston Celtics ’07-08 set an NBA record for the biggest turnaround in league history, improving their record by 42 wins from the previous season, and Boston won their 17th NBA championship that year, playing in 26 NBA playoffs. to win. nickname.# Celtics https://t.co/krRMOMjhiB

The magical feeling Garnett had on his first day as the Celtic player moved to the end of the season. “Big Ticket” won its first championship in a sentimental streak after defeating its fierce rival, the LA Lakers, in the finals.

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