Harsin says the transformed tight end may have a bigger role this week

Auburn, Alabama – High School king of countriesHe may play an even bigger role in attacking this week, who made his first game of the 2022 football season to Auburn last Saturday against Penn State. That’s what coach Brian Harsin said Thursday on Auburn’s weekly Tiger Talk show.

King, a 6-5, 220-pound native of Beaumont, Texas, has gone from narrow end to wide receiver this year so Tiger can get more of his receiving skills. However, he is not included in the depth chart for the opening game at the Southeastern Conference against Missouri on Saturday at Jordan Hare Stadium.

“He was there,” Harsin said, about a player who made an impressive dive catch for 24 yards to turn a third game against Penn State.

“He’s already made plays and we tried to target him so he’s in the mix,” the coach said. “He’s getting more and more reps. He’s doing really well in special teams too. You’ll see him there. Look for him in special teams – kick-off and kick-back.

“As offensive as it is, it was the first read, but we didn’t tell him that,” added Auburn’s second-year coach. “He was a guy we’re trying to target. He’s got a really big pack this week that he can use, and we’re going to use it with him.

“I think he’ll be there and hopefully he’ll get the ball in his hands, and we’ll get a chance to see him do some plays,” Harsin said. “He does everything on his end to be in place and ready to go.” Last season, King had five assists for 59 yards, including a touchdown against Alabama.

Landen King is a sophomore with Tigers. (Photo: Jason Caldwell/Auburn 247, 247 Sports)

On the topic of the man throwing football to the tigers this week with a start TJ Finley Wounded in the 41-12 loss last Saturday, Harsin didn’t give much information about his quarterback status in his Thursday night appearance on the Tiger Talk radio show. to support Ruby Ashford, who has played in each of the first three games, is expected to make his first college debut and Finlay is expected to miss the game. Another backup, Texas A& has an M transfer. zach roadHe missed spring training after having shoulder surgery and there is a question as to whether or not he will play this season. The other scholarship midfielder on the list is a freshman Holden Traineran early graduate who took part in spring training.

“It’s always been a policy – we talk about men with end-of-season injuries,” Harsin said. “We don’t talk about every injury.”

Harsin added, “When we get into this game we feel good about where our guys are. We feel good about the competition that’s been going on all week. When we go in there and play, we’ll have a midfielder on the field and he’s going to play well.”

Auburn and Missouri both brought the records 2-1 in Saturday’s game, which will be televised on ESPN. This will be only the second game of the regular season between the two teams and the first time they have met at Jordan Hare.

Auburn has wins over Mercer (42-16) and San Jose State (24-16). Missouri opened the season at home with a 52-24 win over Louisiana Tech. In the second week, Mizu lost 40-12 in Kansas and last week the team won 34-17 at home against Abilene Christian.

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