Harrison Burton hosts NASCAR Documentary Series


Harrison Burton greets fans at the Michigan International Highway.

USA Network’s “Race for the Championship” spotlights many drivers, such as Kyle Busch and Joey Lugano. Rookie Harrison Burton is among this group, and seize the opportunity to offer a fresh look at NASCAR.

Burton, son of Jeff Burton, is no stranger to cameras. He’s been around them all his life while rising through the ranks of racing. Having them follow it through their time off the track is something new, but it provides some much-needed exposure to what drivers are going through on a weekly basis.

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“I think the biggest struggle of our sport is how does someone know what it is like?” asked Burton during a conversation with Heavy. “Right? You can go throw a soccer ball and then watch Patrick Mahomes go by and think, ‘Wow, that’s unbelievable.'”

“Nobody can go to a racetrack and drive into a corner at 190 mph and try to be the best in the world doing that and thinking, ‘Wow, what these guys are doing is really hard. that’s cool.'”

As Burton explained, he has first-hand experience meeting people from other sports, which directly contributed to becoming a fan. He hopes viewers will have the same experience while watching the USA Network show.

Burton wants these fans to see the drivers go through their personal lives and then invest in racing and their careers. Highlighting the differences between him and other drivers only helps.

Burton filmed a lot of content in the process

Harrison Burton

GTHarrison Burton gained new knowledge through USA Network Show.

Burton’s part of the episode included two main stories. The first was his continued growth as a racing driver at the Circuit of the Americas and Martinsville Speedway. The second is his personal life and his relationship with his girlfriend Gina Petty.

The cameras followed Burton for a long period of time, but there were some moments that didn’t make it to the final episode. This included a meal with Betty’s parents. Instead, the episode featured a moment when Burton went through some foot poses in a dance studio.

“I figured they’d put the dance video in there, sure, because they knew it would probably be funny to watch,” Burton said. “I find it hard to do these things. What I was doing wasn’t dancing, it was just the basics of dancing, right, and I struggle with that.”

Burton doesn’t know if any of the other moments will see the light of day or if it will be a major part of future episodes. Although he will make some pretty cool looks considering he was around other drivers while filming for content.

Episodes provided new information about Burton

There are multiple benefits to highlighting NASCAR teams and drivers in a documentary series. An in-depth look at their preparation provides a greater understanding of the sport. Likewise, glimpses of their life at home and their personalities help fans connect better with them.

Burton is a suitable example. The episode featured his goofy side and his friendship with fellow rookie Todd Gilliland when he interrupted a video clip on social media, stealing a cowboy hat from the #38 driver, and wearing it over his own hat.

The episode also showed how tough Burton was while battling problems or trying to decompress from a tough race. He specifically mentioned that he was still pissed off with some struggles in Martinsville even though that race took place in April.

Interestingly, Burton learned more about his fellow drivers while watching Race For The Championship. He saw different sides of it than he faced during the 2022 World Cup season.

“I learned that [Joey Logano]She was my “hot wife a** in his contacts,” Burton said. “I’ve seen her call him, and I’ve seen that before that this guy wasn’t new, but I laughed when they showed it. But it’s exciting to see guys in situations other than race cars. I think, for me, I know how they are on the racetrack and I have my opinions. About everyone I’ve raced against. I’ve had an experience whether it’s really good or really bad or in between. All of them.

“When we’re at our most extreme, I think, the stress situation we’re in every day of the week tends to be in the race car. That’s when I get really stressed. That’s when I feel like I have to go do the job, and I don’t care so much how he feels. others about what happened.

“And then you go and watch the guys in the house who aren’t in this situation, and you’re just like, ‘Oh, that guy’s a nice guy. In a race car, you’re like, ‘I want this guy for you.’ Or maybe he’s too quiet on the racetrack. But it’s exciting to see them outside the racetrack and to try to understand who they are outside of it all.”

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