Florida lawsuit over marijuana and guns heated up: DOJ compares cannabis users to domestic abusers

The Ministry of Justice struck again. As part of the ongoing lawsuit in Florida over whether medical cannabis users should have a right to own guns, we got more comments recently when the Department of Justice claimed that MMJ users are inherently dangerous and therefore unfit to own firearms, Marijuana Moment reported.

“[The DOJ is] Now, Kyle Jaeger wrote, comparing cannabis consumers to household abusers with a “tendency” toward violence.

Lawyers representing the Florida Secretary of Agriculture Nikki FriedHe, who is behind the Second Amendment lawsuit against the Biden administration, filed a response note earlier this month after the Justice Department urged the federal court to dismiss the case. pretenders They were seeking a hearing in the US District Court for the Northern District of Florida.

In its initial request to dismiss the lawsuit, the Department of Justice cited offensive similarities to previous gun bans for groups such as Native Americans, Catholics, beggars, those who refuse to take an oath of allegiance to the government, and people who shoot firearms while intoxicated. “

Now, the Department of Justice has confirmed its position by placing nonviolent cannabis offenses in the same category as domestic abusers. The comparison was intended to justify the disarmament of persons accused of misdemeanour.

“Marijuana users also engage in criminal activity that makes possession of firearms dangerous, albeit for various reasons (for example, a violent tendency to misdemeanour domestic violence, the harmful effects of marijuana for marijuana users),” says the new Department of Justice file.

On the plaintiffs’ argument that cannabis users can “safely use a firearm…when not using or under the influence of marijuana,” the Department of Justice responded that “a marijuana user who possesses a firearm has access to that firearm when using marijuana. Because marijuana dilutes judgment, there is a risk that she will fail to exercise proper judgment and use a firearm while impeding her.”


fried He filed a Second Amendment lawsuit against the Biden administration in April, announced at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami on 4/20.

“No patient should be forced to choose between medicine and employment, having a roof over his head, or access to capital or his constitutional rights,” she said.

Since then, Fried has indicated on several occasions that The constitutional rights of legal medical marijuana patients in Florida are restricted Because of the current language in the federal form prevents them from purchasing a firearm.

“It’s not about guns per se,” Fried said in June. “It has to do with the fact that marijuana patients have been discriminated against for decades – they see that their rights are not fully granted to them, whether that is housing, access to banking or work. This is one of their other rights.”

In July, Fred filed a revised complaint in federal district court following the Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss several cases and send them to lower courts for reconsideration. Those cases included a ban on assault rifles in Maryland as well as large-capacity magazines for ammunition in New Jersey and California. The Supreme Court’s move came on the heels of a landmark ruling that an individual’s right to carry a gun in public for the purpose of self-defense is protected by the United States Constitution.

Image source: pixel2013, lindsayfox by Pixabay

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