Cowboys must steal a page from the Packers playbook to succeed in Week 3

Dallas Cowboys fans may be acting a little casual about Dalton Schultz’s injury. I think that’s what winning does to you. But we cannot condone the lack of a court order for this crime.

Schultz has seen the third most goals in his path and remains one of the safest and most dangerous options in the inexperienced Cowboys unit on the wide receiver. While he was nursing a knee injury that the Bengals suffered, his status in the game remains in question.

Many expect Schultz to miss the match with starters Jake Ferguson and Peyton Hendershott asking for a lead.

If the defenses really decided to focus on ramping up coverage toward CeeDee Lamb, imagine what things would have looked like if Schultz wasn’t around to claim attention. Keep in mind that while Michael Gallup’s return is expected, he’s likely to be back on the field.

All of this raises a relevant question for cowboys. Who can they get on the field for the best five-player Skill Center combination?

The answer, however you want to build it, should include two racing backs. Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard have the potential to be a dangerous duo and the team must constantly find a way to get them on the court.

There is an obvious way to do this.

A while ago, Kellen Moore earned himself a reputation as a “toy collector”. Watching the Green Bay Packers football team win on Sunday night, I couldn’t help thinking “The Cowboys should do this!”

The Packers – who know all too well that their talent in WR/TE is shaky – introduced the “Pony” people for the first two weeks. Such an assembly features two real running backs (without defenders) on the field.

Putting Matt LaFleur into a clinic using Aaron Jones and AJ Dillion in this way. Sometimes, one of them may lead to another block. Other cases had both paths turned on. Lots of action shots featured. It was a thing of beauty. It has succeeded!

For packs, the problem was getting the top five players into skill positions on the field. This included my back running. As Monday night approaches, Bullard and Elliott are clearly among the Top 5 Cowboys.

Both Cowboys together average 4.7 yards per touch Pro Football reference. Both feature a little bit of blueprint magic that can go a long way in forcing opponents out of heavy chests.

Pollard proves he can be a weapon in space while Elliott continues to prove he still has juice. The average number of touches per game was 24 while the Packers touched a football 30 times per game.

Dallas should realize that this game is the most lucrative of the next three opponents, and creativity will be needed to maintain Cooper Rush’s career undefeated record.

For more ideas on cowboys potentially unleashing ponies, check out Thursday’s episode of AZ Sports in Dallas Peak!

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