Chance of intermittent rain this weekend – here you can expect it to happen

Detroit – After a great day at the end of the work week, things are heading downhill as we approach the upcoming weekend, although it won’t be entirely lackluster.

The clouds will increase overnight, and their bottoms will be around 50° (10°C). The wind will decrease to cool the air.

Friday evening sunset at 7:29 PM and Saturday morning sunrise at 7:23 AM


Saturday will be a cloudy day in general, with some sporadic rain. The morning seems to offer our best chance of seeing a shower, although areas along and north of I-69 may see sporadic showering activity lasting into the afternoon. The bottom line is that the day will be more dry than humid, but it’s possible to have a little more showering. Today is the day to try and get any yard work done this weekend, but still, keep an eye on the 4Warn Weather app’s real-time radar to stay ahead of the weather.

Saturday’s peaks should reach the mid-60s (18 degrees Celsius), with southeasterly winds of 8 to 12 mph.

Scattered rain is possible Saturday night, with lows in the mid-50s (12 to 13°C).


Sunday offers more shower opportunities, and the rumble of thunder cannot be ruled out. While it won’t be rain all day, many of us will receive more measurable rain than on Saturday. Sunday’s highs should hold up again in the mid-60s (18-19°C), and it will be a refreshing day.

Next week forecast

The unsettled pattern continues through Tuesday, with rain and showers likely on Monday and Tuesday. Average highs will be in the low 60s (16 to 17 degrees Celsius) and may struggle all the way to 60 degrees on Tuesday.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Starting on Wednesday, we head towards a sunny pattern, with dry conditions likely to extend all the way through the coming weekend into early next week. Combine that with mild temperatures, which means we’ve got a great stretch of fresh Michigan weather on our way.

Hurricane Fiona

Hurricane Fiona should hit eastern Nova Scotia with potential winds of 100 mph and continue north through Newfoundland and Labrador and eastern Quebec, regardless of whether its structure is not technically a hurricane. This would be the strongest storm to hit there in a long time and it would cause massive damage.

Florida problem

Tropical Depression 9 has formed off the northern coast of South America, and computer models suggest an ominous outcome for this storm. After crossing Cuba, you’ll head northwest and then, at some point, curl up northeast. The exact timing of that role is uncertain. An earlier turn (as suggested by the European model) would bring it very close to Naples. However, other models suggest a late turn, which would first allow the storm to stay above water longer and strengthen more (possibly Category 3 or stronger) before heading toward Sarasota. Regardless of exactly landfall (and we meteorologists didn’t specify this in advance), conditions will rapidly deteriorate across the Florida peninsula from Tuesday through Wednesday. If you have friends or relatives, I strongly urge you to tell them to start preparing for this storm, which seems to be having a huge impact.

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