Can the Red Sox still salvage a successful season?

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The MLB 2022 campaign was a lost year for the Boston Red Sox, who will miss the playoffs for the third time in four seasons.

The Red Sox arrived at the ALCS last year, but it was clear from the early stages of the 2022 season that Boston’s magic from 2021 was over.

The Red Sox have 13 games left on the 2022 schedule.

At 72-77, the team occupies last place in a very difficult region of the Middle East.

The last two weeks of Boston’s season are pretty unimportant, but there’s still one solid goal the team still plays: a winning season.

Can the Red Sox pull it off?

What will it take

If the Red Sox wanted to finish the match with a winning record, they would have to go 10-3 over the remaining 13 games.

A 10-3 finish for the Red Sox would bring the latest record to 82-80 for the season.

Finishing straight at 0.500 is another goal still in play for the team, which would require Boston to go 9-4 over their last 13 games to finish at 81-81.

Again, these aren’t terribly meaningful goals, but the Red Sox would surely feel a little better about their season if they were to finish with a record .500 or better.

However, doing so will be a daunting task, as the team has a tough remaining schedule.

way forward

The Red Sox and New York Yankees each started a four-game set Thursday, so three games remain in that series.

Between the importance of New York in the watershed picture and Aaron Judge’s hunt for history, there’s so much buzz surrounding the Yankees right now, that it’s hard to contend with them.

After the Red Sox finished with the Yankees, they would return home to host the Baltimore Orioles for four games.

The Orioles’ hopes are slim, but they’re still in the mix, so it’s safe to assume that Baltimore will have a tough fight until the team is officially eliminated.

After facing Baltimore, the Red Sox will hit the road for a three-game series against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Every game counts now for the Blue Jays, who are fighting for position in the AL Wild Card race.

To wrap up the season, Boston will be back for three games against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Like the Blue Jays, the Rays have a lot to play with as it relates to the Wild Card mode, so they’ll be annoying as well.

In short, here’s what Boston’s remaining table looks like:

  • 3 games for the Yankees
  • 4 matches against the Orioles
  • 3 matches in Blue Jays
  • 3 matches vs Rays

All of Boston’s remaining matches will come against teams that have something to play for.

That’s not great news for the Red Sox’s hopes of finishing with a winning record, but that goal is definitely still on the table.

Boston will take a solid two weeks to finish the season at .500 or more, but if the team can pull off a few wins together, it could certainly happen.

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