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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka has been suspended throughout the NBA season for violations of team policies, The organization announced Thursday night.

The team added that a decision on Odoka’s future with the Celtics will be made at a later date. His suspension was effective immediately.

According to ESPN, The Athletic, and the Boston Globe, Oduka had a consensual relationship with a member of the cast.

“I am sorry to put the team in this difficult situation, and I accept the team’s decision,” Odoka told ESPN in a statement, apologizing to the players, fans, the organization and his family.

CNN has reached out to Celtics for further comments.

Odoka took over as head coach from Brad Stevens prior to the 2021-22 NBA season and led the Celtics to their first NBA Finals appearance since 2010, losing 4-2 to the Golden State Warriors.

On Friday, Wycliffe “Wyc” Grousbeck Celtics owner and chief of basketball operations Brad Stevens spoke with the media to discuss Udoka’s suspension.

Grosbeek explained that the decision to shut down Odoka was made after the organization brought in “a reputable law firm to conduct an impartial investigation” after learning of the allegations over the summer.

Grosbeek said he felt the season-long suspension – which will come with a “significant monetary fine,” according to the owner – was “well secured, appropriate, and backed by substantial research and facts.”

He added, “Amy told me personally in a private conversation, the general theme was just – I say – acceptance and appreciation for how this was handled.”

Grosbeek also explained that the players were “very concerned” after discussions with them. “It’s not a welcome development, but they also have, I felt, the energy, focus, commitment and drive to accomplish really great things this season.”

Stevens felt suffocated when she spoke about the impact of the news on women in the organization, saying, “We have a lot of talented women in our organization.

“I thought yesterday it was really hard for them. Nobody can control Twitter speculation – bull outbreaks**t. We as an organization have a responsibility to make sure we support them now because so many people have been unfairly dragged in.”

Gary Washburn, national basketball writer for the Boston Globe, told John Berman and Brianna Keeler on New Day on CNN that Udoka may never coach the Celtics again.

“That could have been something on his contract,” Washburn said. “You know, ‘You cannot have relationships with members of organizations, especially those who are under your management. So, unfortunately, for Coach Odoka, he broke those laws, he broke those rules and now he’s not unemployed, but he’s as close to a job as possible.

He will be suspended for a year and the organization has not promised that he will return in 2023-24. They said they would review it then, so the Boston Celtics might not coach again.”

The Celtics begin their season October 18 against the Philadelphia 76ers at TD Garden in Boston. NBA training camps open next week with the first pre-season games scheduled for a week starting Friday.
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