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If you don’t compromise on long security lines, expensive plane tickets, and social media posts from friends abroad, travel is in full swing. Some industry professionals refer to “revenge travel,” and we find ourselves spending more time and experiences lost as a result of the pandemic by traveling more than ever. You probably have travel plans on your personal calendar as well, in which case you’ll need to invest in some of the best luggage designed for ease, maneuverability, and good looks (which, in practice, sets them apart from other bags on the carousel).

Whether you plan to travel in the near future or not, purchasing durable luggage is a lifelong investment, catering to your travel needs for years to come. Over time, luggage companies have expanded to sustainable missions, elegant designs, and functional forms. Reliability and style (no pun intended) are rolled into one thanks to the latest luggage collections available. With a bag in your hand, you’ll be ready to say hello to your next exciting travel adventure.

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Paravel Sustainable Extended Stay Bund (Aviator Grand & Carry-On & Packing Quad)

Paravel’s Extended Stay Bundle brings you the power players in the brand’s collection. Paravel has quickly become known for its efforts in sustainability with luggage that features a recycled polycarbonate exterior, recycled aircraft-grade aluminum handles, vegan leather details and recycled zippers. With the additional travel cubes included in this set, the Extended Stay Bundle is made from a total of 52 post-consumer plastic water bottles as well. You can also add a monogram for $25 for an extra personal touch.

Scheusstopper’s Chic

For those who can’t resist the elegant marble print, Calpak luggage will swoon. With options that come with black and white marble design details, your elegant handbag will keep you excited to transport your belongings through the TSA check and beyond.

Minimum order

Simple hearts, rejoice! The Dagne Dover duffle is a perfect fit for professional packers. If you prefer hands-free when navigating the station, the adjustable shoulder strap is perfect for your needs. Spacious enough to fit all your needs and designed with durable materials, it’s the perfect addition to your travel essentials.

Play with cool style

Monos’ limited edition, titled Terrazzo, is inspired by the materials of the same name, as well as a blend of classic Italian villas, 1920s Art Deco architecture and modern design. Thanks to its unbreakable polycarbonate casing, you won’t have to worry about scraping the beautiful design when you’re transporting the Carry-On Pro to your final destination. Featuring a front compartment for easy access to your essentials, the design is outfitted with room for a 15-inch laptop, TSA-certified locks, quiet wheels and vegan leather accents, and still fits in the overhead bin of nearly any airline in the world.

Timeless Travel Companion

Bric’s is a family-owned Italian heritage brand that has been handcrafting luggage and luxury leather goods for sixty years. Stunning design details are timeless, with the ability to take one back in time to a classic Italian summer under the Mediterranean sun.

Fan favorite

Away luggage has arguably become one of the most popular choices among travelers today. With a modern, elegant design and an array of color options to choose from, it’s not hard to see why. Its durable hard polycarbonate casing, 360-degree swivel wheels, and included laundry bag ensure your travel needs are met with one simple purchase.

game changer

TUMI has established itself as a trusted name for quality luggage. The Latitude is the brand’s most durable (yet lightweight) bag to date. As a result of SRPP BALLISTIC material, the outer shell has the ability to bend and flex in response to its surroundings, so your mind can rest in the knowledge that your luggage will remain damage-free. Designed for long trips or shared packing in mind, the Extended Packing Bag is well worth the investment.

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Modern Musa

Globe-Trotter Bags are handcrafted in England and made of the highest quality materials. The popular luggage brand has been favored by the likes of Queen Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, David Beckham, and Emma Watson. Rooted in heritage, but built for the future, the Globe-Trotter legacy has solidified itself as one of the best travel goods on the market.

Go anywhere, do anything duffel

As convenient and capable as it may be, traditional rolling luggage struggles when you leave the airport, which is why a do-it-all bag like Patagonia’s Black Hole Duffel comes in handy when you need to go the extra mile. As its name suggests, this gear bag easily swallows clothes and essentials, and is surprisingly agile despite its size. If you’d rather not carry it like a bulky gym bag, simply deploy the built-in backpack straps to create a hands-free experience. Ripstop fabrics protect against moisture and hold up to even the busiest of luggage straps, while the drawstrings and side pockets give you more options for organizing your gear.

How we choose the best luggage

When it comes time to invest in new luggage, we rely on expert advice, independent reviews and personal experience before making any recommendations. We also take into consideration the factors that separate one bag of luggage from another. These include not only common variables such as size, weight, build quality and features, but also how you intend to use the luggage and what you will be carrying. As a completely out of the way company, we ask our employees what they look for in new luggage and what is most important to them. By putting together all of this information, we can provide a talented and powerful set of options for your specific needs.

What is the best travel bag brand?

The luggage scene, due to the lack of better crafting, has evolved significantly in recent years. As a result, we find ourselves with more brands to choose from than ever before, which makes it even more challenging when it comes time to invest in new bags. With this in mind, some of the best travel bag brands include well-known and classic brands like Travelpro, Samsonite, and Tumi, as well as newcomers like Away and Paravel. Choose from these brands, and others on our tour, to discover durable, capable and stylish luggage.

What is better: soft or hard luggage?

While luggage rotors around the world are still filled with soft-sided bags, hard-shell options are rapidly gaining popularity. When deciding what type of bag you’ll need, consider what you’re carrying and where you’re going. Soft-sided bags are great because they flex and compress, making them a convenient option for an overhead container or storage space on a bus, although the materials do wear out over time and may break. On the other hand, hard shells protect fragile contents that can break or be damaged during transportation, but the materials can easily be scratched or damaged. What is right for you is simply a matter of personal preference.

What is the best baggage for international travel?

When it’s time to pack for an international flight, consider where you’re going and what you do before packing your bags. Hard-shell luggage keeps its shape and often hugs a set of wheels, making it a convenient option for city-to-city travel. Soft-sided bags come in handy when you’re exploring more remote destinations where space is limited and rolling luggage won’t always work as well as it should.

If you really want to master international travel, consider investing in hand luggage to avoid baggage fees and eliminate the risk of losing your bag in transit. Doing so will force you to evaluate what you’re packing in more detail, but it will also reduce any hassles or headaches when you’re away from home and take care of just one bag.

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