Auburn coach Brian Harsin on formula

MIRAMAR BEACH, FL – Auburn soccer coach Brian Harsin hasn’t decided which SEC schedule model to support. He says it is not that simple.

“I have no preference now,” he said after two days of coaches’ meetings.

With Oklahoma and Texas joining in 2025, the league must adjust its schedule format to count 16 teams. In the current division system, teams play the same seven opponents each season plus one opponent across divisions. A number of SEC programs only see each other once every six years.

Eight and nine game options are being considered for the new chassis. Harsin said he had not decided whether eight or nine conference games would be better for Auburn.

Of course, the Tigers already always have one of the toughest dates in college football, with Alabama, Georgia, and Texas A&M and LSU games every year.

“Our schedule is very good,” Harsin said with a laugh. “he is strong.”

A nine-game format is being considered that includes each team retaining three “competing” competitors each season, while the other six rotate. Harsin said he also has no preference for the three teams that should be a constant for Auburn, if that model is used.

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