Amazon hosts the sale of IOGEAR’s home tech business

Our work life is now in a state of constant evolution – or conflict, depending on the perspective of the company and the employee.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to work from home without warning, with businesses and workers alike setting up makeshift desks at home, in a spare room, in the garden shed or in the kitchen corner — but over time, we’re starting to see the real impact of these The new imposed way of life.

The pandemic has also been a catalyst for digital transformation, remote technologies, and changes in the way we are expected to live and work. Some people today have moved out of the big cities and are working from home permanently; Others resist calls to return to the office, mixed work options are offered as a compromise, and full-time is working in the office.

However, WFH requires employees to either purchase or provide them with the appropriate tools. Some jobs, particularly in technology, information technology and services, may require multiple monitors; Screen sharing extensions can be useful when sharing presentations; And when space is expensive, the right equipment can help workers get the most out of what they have.

With that in mind, selling IOGEAR on Amazon might interest you. The seller offers discounts via coupons applicable at checkout on useful work of home equipment, as shown below:

  • Current price: $79
  • Original price: $129

The mounting base is a great accessory when you’re working from home. Docking stations can provide missing or extra connector points—ranging from USB to HDMI—as well as the option to change your display to single or dual monitor settings.

The IOGEAR Docking Station includes USB-A and C ports, HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, microSD slots, and Ethernet connections, among others. (However, some customers have noted incompatibility issues with the Nintendo Switch.)

The current price is 31% off, or $89. However, you can apply a coupon to get an additional $10 discount at checkout.

  • Current price: $69
  • Original price: $99

Another product on sale on Amazon is the DisplayPort Cable KVM Adapter. Featuring two ports, this plug and play connector can be used to switch between computers and monitors from a single keyboard and mouse, a convenient way that also eliminates the need for additional wires and peripherals. You can switch with a remote button.

List price is $79. However, you can apply a coupon to get an additional $10 discount at checkout.

  • Current price: $99
  • Original price: $149

The IOGEAR HDMI TV Connection Kit is a transmitter for wirelessly streamed content (up to 100 feet) in mirror or extend modes for your computer, mobile device, monitors, TVs, and projectors. Video content is streamed over a 2.4/5GHz wireless network (1080p+ resolution), which is useful for managing joint projects and collaborative spaces. $50 coupon applied at checkout.

  • Current price: $79
  • Original price: $99

The IOGEAR KeyMander 2 is a handy converter, and while it’s not strictly a WFH accessory, it can be useful if you use a gaming console to access media streaming and content applications. KeyMander 2 allows you to connect a keyboard and mouse to game console interfaces for Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation 4 or 5.

  • Current price: $39
  • Original price: $59

Screen sharing is an integral part of working remotely. You may need to view, collaborate on or share content across video platforms, and the small screen can be harmful.

The handle tool when the WFH is an adapter to turn your TV or projector into a big screen. Although setup can take some time, once you’re ready, you can wirelessly cast content from your iOS, Android device, tablet, or PC at up to 4K (30Hz) resolution.

The IOGEAR sale will end on September 30th.

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