£30,000 emergency food fund to help tackle cost of living crisis

In response to the ongoing cost of living crisis, we have announced a new fund to help community groups and organizations provide emergency food to people during the winter of 2022/23.

£30,000 has been made available to the Food Crisis Emergency Fund to support the most vulnerable people in Brighton and Hove who are most at risk of food insecurity.

Organizations can apply for funds up to £5,000, depending on the number of beneficiaries they support. For more information about the Food Crisis Emergency Fund, visit our dedicated web page.

Citywide effort

More work is being done across Brighton and Hove to help meet the daily nutritional needs of the people most affected by the cost of living crisis.

  • The Food Cell Group, which was established to respond to emergency nutritional needs during the pandemic, continues to collaborate with partners and community projects.
  • The Board is implementing the ongoing work detailed in recommendations approved by the Policy and Resources Subcommittee in November 2021, such as the Food Access Authority.
  • Plans are underway to allocate the Family Support Fund (3) once it comes from the central government in October 2022.
  • The Board continues to prioritize company-wide cost-of-living work in all districts.
  • In May the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, Brighton & Hove Citizens Advice, and Brighton & Hove City Council launched a public appeal to help the poor afford food.

increasing pressure

Chancellor Willem McCafferty, President of Brighton & Hove City Council and Chair of the Policy and Resources Committee, said:

We take the cost of living crisis with the seriousness it deserves and understand the enormous pressures people are facing due to the ever-rising prices of food and energy. Although there have been government commitments in the past week that will relieve some of the pain for some of our most vulnerable residents, I remain deeply concerned.

“Although the funding announced is just a drop in the ocean, it will enable the Council to provide some much-needed support to those who need it most right now.

“The latest survey by the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership shows the frighteningly harrowing reality of residents across the city, who are unable to afford the food they need.

“More than 5,000 people have required assistance from the city’s emergency food network every week for the past year, which should be a source of shame in the sixth richest country in the world.

“We continue to do everything we can as a council – since May we have taken a series of actions to eventually support families, increase the amount of assistance with essential goods such as refrigerators and ovens and help residents access emergency support. We launched the Brighton & Hove Cost of Living Fund and donated With over £39,000 we will agree to do more work on the Policy and Resources Committee next month.

“But we no longer need major and urgent action from the central government – with actions and funding – to continue to meet the needs of marginalized populations severely affected by the cost of living crisis.

“We are also working with public and private sector partners through the Greater Brighton Food Plan to address food insecurity issues across the region. Essentially we need to develop a more sustainable and resilient food system that gives everyone access to local, affordable and healthy food, and prevents this from happening. Kind of a crisis again.”

sustainable food systems

With food prices rising and more people struggling to get enough to eat, there is an urgent need to find ways to increase food security and access to affordable and healthy food.

The Greater Brighton Food Scheme aims to find long-term solutions to food insecurity. It will bring together a working partnership to build resilience and integrate innovations across the city area, while helping to meet commitments to health, climate and nature.

Getting and growing food locally, tapping into surplus food and supporting partnerships to work together on sustainable food supplies and systems, has benefits for people and the planet.

Using more food and getting rid of waste, the cost of packaging and transporting supplies also reduces the cost of food to people.

We established the Good Food Standards Policy in 2021 which aims to reduce poverty, support local businesses, and reduce the environmental impact of food. We also signed a declaration supporting the Right to Food campaign and the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration as part of our commitment to address the climate emergency through integrated food policies.

In 2020, Brighton & Hove became the first UK company to win the Sustainable Food City Gold Award by campaigning for a more plant-based diet, reducing single-use plastic and tackling food poverty.

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