The Atlanta Hawks are among the most neglected teams in the NBA

The Atlanta Hawks made one of the summer’s biggest moves when they replaced former Dejaunt Murray at the San Antonio Spurs. This team was in the Eastern Conference Finals only a couple of seasons ago, but fell dramatically last season, falling to the eighth seed and falling in the Play-In Championship.

They won each of their Play-In matches but were quickly pushed out of the postseason in five games by the contender Miami Heat.

A move to corner Murray ensures that the Hawks are never held back in this way again.

But there is some belief that despite speculation that they are ready for another big move by mid-season, they are already one of the most overlooked teams in the NBA and can be dangerous because of it.

Improved Eastern Conference could put people in Atlanta Hawks to sleep

Huge deals on Rudi Gobert (Minnesota Timberwolves) and Donovan Mitchell (Cleveland Cavaliers) — plus Dender Eaton and Kevin Durant with their teams — overshadowed what was popular in the hassle season when it first happened.

But Bleacher Report’s Zach Buckley thinks it might be getting overlooked a lot at this point.

“There are some expectations for Atlanta, but nothing huge: Vegas have only set 45.5 over/under wins. This is going to be a good season, but the Hawks can design something much bigger.”

The expected win total will be only two games better than it was last season and four games better than it was in the lead up to their arrival at ECF. This just shows how the East improved at that time.

But the Falcons are a team well aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

“The theme of the offseason in Atlanta was defense,” Buckley says. This is why the trade for Murray makes sense. Well, that and his ability to lighten some of Young’s offensive burden, which could lead to more efficient copies for both players. If they find their chemistry early on and the defense can even enter the middle section of the rankings. efficiency, Atlanta may achieve the two-way balance needed to navigate another conference finals.”

Murray earned the All-Star nod for the first time after leading the NBA in stealing every game last season. He talked about not having a place for individual goals, and only winning next season.

The hawks sure feel it should help them win more games – and healthier will, too.

As Buckley points out, the Hawks returned the vast majority of the core that made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. And their additions veered even beyond Murray toward the defense in Moe Harkless and Justin Holiday that they took in the Kevin Huerter trade.

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