From excessive heat to heavy rain by the end of the week

from one side to the other. The extra heat to the spreading rain and thunderstorms from a hurricane, it definitely doesn’t feel like San Diego! This long and dangerous heat wave continues with a high temperature warning in effect on the coast and valleys until 8 pm on Friday, and ends the day before at 8 pm on Thursday for mountains and deserts. Temperatures trend from 5 to 15 degrees above average with a strong, high-pressure ridge continuing over the west.

These are some of the hottest temperatures of the year and with the warm temperatures throughout the night, mostly in the 70s, those without an air conditioner will find it hard to keep cool.

We won’t see a lot of daily record highs broken because they are very high this time of year and they will be hard to reach. I’m expecting a record high in Ramona tomorrow at 104 and close to a few others including San Diego and Campo. We may make more record highs on Thursday and Friday, but we’ll likely set a few record warm minimums. On Sunday morning, two all-time record minimum temperatures were recorded at 78 degrees in San Diego and 81 in Escondido.

The fire risk remains high due to extreme temperatures and the highest fire risk arrives late Thursday through early Friday as the wind picks up before the storm. These will be the Santa Ana winds that will result in hot, dry, windy conditions. Winds can reach 50 mph anywhere in the county with isolated winds of up to 70 mph. Precautions should be taken to avoid any sparks that could start a fire which includes checking anything being pulled from your vehicle.

We’re tracking Typhoon Kai hitting southern Baga that will head north and as the storm’s center weakens and moves westward away from us, the outer bands will likely bring us the possibility of widespread rain and thunderstorms on Friday. weekend. The storm’s path will determine how much precipitation we get, but at this point, it’s possible for the scattered totals to reach 1 to 3 inches. We’ll be tracking this closely and likely see changes to the forecast as the storm approaches, so be sure to stay with the Pinpoint Weather team.

Expect cooler temperatures this weekend, mostly in the 80s, but also higher humidity and warmer nights as moisture is pulled from the storm. The humidity will continue to feel tropical early next week which will keep at least a slight chance of rain and thunderstorms.

Cooler, drier air moves in from mid to late next week as the low pressure basin sinks south.

Prepare for the storm:
Check your roof for leaks, remove gutters, check tire and tread pressures as well as windshield wipers, and secure loose outdoor items that might blow off or get stuck in the wind, and if you live in an area that often gets flooded, you might want to get bags The sand is ready to go.

Wednesday tops:
Coast: 83-95 degrees
Inside: 95-104 degrees
Mountains: 87-104 degrees
Deserts: 106-110 degrees

Tips to beat the heat:
Drink plenty of water, wear lightweight and loose-fitting clothing, avoid outdoor activity during the heat of the day, stay indoors in the air conditioner as much as possible, avoid caffeine and alcohol, do not leave children or pets inside hot vehicles, and provide pets with water Extra and bring it indoors if possible or at least provide proper shade.

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