Eagles Cheerleaders take the game to new heights

After the festival, there was a flag football game where young men and women were able to show off their skills against some of the NFL players, including Seahawks quarterback Oshina Nosu (Nigeria), Texas defensive end Ogbonya Okoronko (Nigeria), and quarterback Browns Jeremiah Owusu-Kuramoah. (Ghana), Colts defense end Kuwait Bay (Liberia), as well as NFL legends Mathias Kiwanuka (Uganda), Roman Obene (Cameroon) and Osei Omniora (Nigeria).

“The level of excitement and talent at Flag Football Fest was insane! All the kids in attendance had such pure talent and growth! It was nothing but smiles on everyone’s faces as they tried out a new football exercise and implemented it with determination and passion. They listened with great interest to the NFL players whenever They talked and pushed themselves to a whole new level.

Gabriella added: “Not only did the participants have a great time during the football game, but we were amazed at how naturally talented these kids were! And having the NFL players working with them who were all originally from Africa certainly gave them a sense of pride. Seeing someone like you from your home country be so successful gave players and participants a much deeper sense of connection and appreciation for the initiative as a whole!”

This is really just the beginning of what will be a great way for the Eagles and the NFL to get more people excited and involved in the game of football on a global level. Both women expressed their love for Ghana at first sight.

“From the moment we arrived, the people of Ghana were so welcoming and kind,” Gabriella said. “Everywhere we went we were greeted with bright smiles and great hospitality. I am grateful for every opportunity given to me since I was the captain of the Philadelphia Eagles and enjoy sharing my passion for this organization with the best fans in the NFL whether it is here in Philly or across the around the world!

“Everywhere I go, there is no doubt that I will meet Eagles fans and their love for the game and this team is unparalleled. I am proud to represent strong young women from our community and show them that with dedication and hard work. Anything can be accomplished.”

Taylor stated, “Representing the Philadelphia Eagles in Ghana has been the trip of a lifetime! I will be forever grateful for this opportunity, not only being the first official NFL events to be held in Africa through the NFL International Home Marketing Districts initiative, but by celebrating With our legacy and our new family in Ghana. It has been so inspiring to see all the Eagles jerseys across the country and chat with fans about memories of the Great Eagles and our upcoming season. Being a Global Brand Ambassador has allowed us to bring the same energy as the Eagles from Philly all the way to Africa.”

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